Friday, March 11, 2016

Fun sewing project #4: Baby burp cloths and donating them all

During February, my sewing class completed two baby projects.
You can read about our baby blankets here.

I wanted another project that would teach the girls some new skills
as well as add to the stack of items that we could donate
to the local homeless shelter for pregnant women where I

I actually found this project last summer and stashed it away to use for this class.
You can read the tutorial and watch a video on how to quickly assemble these
super cute baby burp cloths right here.

Some new skills acquired with this project included:

Cutting and sewing "mass" projects
Trimming and clipping around curves
Sewing on terry cloth/toweling fabric
More turning inside out and machine stitching outer edges

We ended up with 3 baby blankets (a couple of the girls couldn't part with the blanket they had made)
and over 20 burp cloths!!

We were able to take them to Bridges Safehouse and donate them for Mama's in need!!

I was so proud of how hard these girls worked and for how amazing their projects turned out!!
Great job, girls!!!

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Donna said...

What a sweet blessing.