Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Women's Wellness Wednesday: Oikos Triple Zero Yogurt

For awhile, I was on this dairy-free kick.
I had read that dairy was inflammatory to our bodies,
and that getting off of it could help manage allergies better.
It worked!!
Instead of doing multiple medications to manage my allergies
to almost every single plant in Texas,
I simply did one dose of Flonase morning and night.
That's it.
No tissues.  No Tylenol.  No essential oils.  No eye drops. No itchy scalp.
By simply going dairy-free.

But, I'm now trying to figure out ways to get more probiotics into my family
to combat leaky gut issues and help build our immune systems.
One way of doing that is by consuming yogurt.

Not all commercial yogurts are created the same.
Check your labels!!
Many are high in carbohydrates (think sugar) and added sugar.
I have tried some dairy-free yogurts, but most do not have as much protein
as I've been trying to add to my diet.

This brand is very high in protein, lower in carbohydrates than most,
and sweetened with stevia.
It's a little pricey, but I have found this in cases of 18 at Costco for around $13.00.
Recently, it was on sale for roughly $10 a case.
You'll find more flavor varieties at Wal-Mart,
but my kids love the peach and strawberry that come in this box.
This is a yummy treat in the afternoon as a pick-me-up,
or for a quick breakfast on the go!!

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