Monday, October 31, 2016

Our third field trip this Fall: The Pumpkin Patch

For over 13 years, our family has made a short trip to this wonderful 
farm to celebrate the imminent changing of the season.
Through the years, we've invited friends to join us
which simply doubles the fun!!!

This year, we came with our homeschool group
for a super fun field trip!!!
What a lovely morning!


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Our second field trip of this Fall: The State Fair of Texas!!

Every autumn, one of the biggest events in the DFW area is the State Fair of Texas!!
It is also one of the priciest!!

But if you're a home-school Mom, you learn pretty quick how to find the deals,
and there are deals to be had for this fair!!

Click here for the BEST deal on admission tickets:  FREE!

After you track down your free tickets, you must go online
 and look at the fair guidebook
that is full of maps and show listings and free things to see and do.
Make out a list of all the things you want to see 
and check the times of all the shows.
It's important that you aren't missing a show because you are at the wrong
end of the park when a show starts.

This year my husband and oldest daughter couldn't go with us as chauffuers,
so I was on my own with the rest of our family.
I was a little nervous about finding my way there, but we took our time
and expected an adventure!
We found our way there just fine and had an absolute blast all day together!!

One of our favorite attractions through the years has always been the greenhouse
where an amazing model train is set up through a gorgeous garden setting.
We always get a kick out of this walking tree who is really a person
dressed up on stilts.  Can you see his face up in the leaves?

Being a Family and Consumer Science Teacher, I always LOVE going into the Creative Arts Building to see all the spectacular hand crafts on display.  This year, this gorgeous keepsake 
box took First Premium AND Best in Show!!

While we were all admiring this huge carving of butter,
a young lady approached us and asked if my kids would like to be a part of a cooking demonstration.
It took only moments of reassurance that they would NOT be on TV,
 and Abby, Garrett, and Aryn were all signed up!!

What fun they had demonstrating how to make easy pizza using naan bread,
and smoothies from familiar ingredients in your kitchen!!

Grant, of course, surrounded by quilts, was a little bored in this venue!!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

National Night Out 2016

Because my husband is a first responder, I thought it would be fun for our children to participate in the National Night Out held recently in our community.

They really enjoyed climbing around in our local 
community emergency response vehicles,
and getting some special attention in the ambulance.
Inside the recreation center were several inflatables for them to play on,
as well as booths with information about lots of organizations in our community.

This EMT's name is Garrett......

......and this EMT's name is Aaron!!

We went home with lots of goodies 
and great memories of the fun we all had together!!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Our first field trip this Fall: The Promise in Glen Rose, Texas

Our first homeschool field trip of the fall absolutely captivated my children!!
I  am passionate about storytelling and live theater,
always delivers a spectacular production!!

This was my third time seeing this amazing theatrical presentation
about the life of Jesus Christ, but the first time for several of my children.

The lighting design, the staging, the costumes, the special effects, and
the music all collaborate together so professionally to powerfully
portray the Gospel.....the Good News.....of Jesus Christ!!

It was a night to remember, and if you're in the area
an experience you don't want to miss!!!