Homeschooling with ADHD

Definitely more on that coming!!!

Homeschool Curriculums
{These curriculums are not specifically written for ADHD students,
but their scope and sequence and the hands-on aspects of the activities,
the resources available to go along with each lesson,
as well as how short and innovative the lessons are
have been tremendous in moving my children along!!}

{Can't speak enough about the miracles this curriculum has performed
for me, as the teacher, as well as my children.
We use the video for each lesson, so there is literally no teacher preparation for this!}

Shurley English
{Lessons are short, worksheets are super condensed and easy to follow.
Lots of repetition.
Uses "jingles" to teach principles of grammar!}

{I use this teaching technique in studying history.
There are many pre-written lapbooks available on a myriad of subjects
including science, history, literature, geography, Bible and more!
Keeps my "constant movement children" always busy and moving!!}