Resources for Type 1 Diabetes

Awesome Products

This company has, bar none, the CUTEST diabetes bags I have EVER seen!!
They are not cheap, but they are amazing!!!
They also have a terrific resource!

Staiwell Bags
Another diabetes bag designed by a Mom!!

Medical ID tags

Medical alert bracelets and necklaces!
Not your typical jewelry for adults!!

More medical alert bracelets

Insulin vial protectors
When Ashlyn was still using syringes with glass vials of insulin, I LOVED the look of these!!
This company has lots of products for the diabetic!!

Kangaroo Pump Pockets
An innovative way to wear your insulin pumps!

Amazing Technology

Dexcom 7
This is our continuous glucose monitoring system which has been invaluable to us!
In my opinion, this information should be available to all Type 1 Diabetics.
It has helped us so much!!

Support and Information

Children with Diabetes
Tons of resources and information.
Check out the recipes!!!

Islets of Hope
Another great resource and information site for person with all types of diabetes!!

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Searching for a cure!!

Parenting Diabetic Kids

Great Diabetic Blogs
Diabetes Sweeties

Welcome to our crazy, happy life

We Cara Lot

Forget the chicken nuggets, you can't play on the playground until you eat all your fries!

A beautiful diabetic

Autoimmune Island

The Type 1 Mom Song