Monday, February 27, 2017

Spontaneous field trip!!

Last week was a little hard.
Extra things were happening above and beyond the normal daily busyness
of raising and homeschooling 5 kids.
Our oldest goes to college locally and works when she's not at school, 
so she's in and out too.
Sickness came to visit which always adds extra laundry and maintenance 
and vigilance to scheduling since our youngest went down first
and can't be left home by herself yet. 

When our second oldest asked if we could just take a day to go to the zoo,
I said, "Why not??"

Best decision ever!!

Her motivation was not simply to get a day away from seatwork,
but she has been wanting to practice with her new camera and photograph
her favorite animals.

These are a few of Ashlyn's favorites from her collection:

The weather was perfectly spectacular for this little trip and 
we had such a relaxing time simply taking our time and visiting our
favorite exhibits!
This year we upgraded our zoo membership to the level that includes unlimited
free rides on the carousel, monorail, and train ride and we have absolutely
loved that.

We've visited the Dallas Zoo twice since Christmas and this membership
has already paid for itself.
It includes free admission for our whole family, an extra membership (for Lexi, Grandma, or a friend) AND free parking!!! 

Worth every penny!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Master Club Regionals 2017

On the Saturday after Valentine's Day, we headed off to our church
where, for the first time ever, we hosted the Texas regional competitions for Master Clubs!
What an amazing day!!
Lots of surprises and tons of fun!
Garrett and Aryn participated in several events,
but only Aryn received a ribbon (2nd place) for small ensemble.
Nevertheless, we so enjoyed watching many different events, perusing all the art
and craft entries, and meeting new friends!!


Monday, February 20, 2017

Homeschool Valentine's Banquet 2017

On Valentine's evening, our homeschool group hosted our
3rd annual Valentine's Banquet.
What fun we had!!

We spent lots of time planning and preparing,
and the girls in my Advanced Foods class did so much to help!!

Our class was in charge of preparing the twice-baked potatoes... well as the cakes for the dessert table!
Each girl was required to make a beautiful cake of their choice
and use at least decorating element that we've covered in our cake decorating unit
  over the last three weeks.
These girls took us all by surprise and presented the most gorgeous creations!!

Ashlyn presented a Black Forest Cake.

I made a Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake.

Grace made this exquisite Red Velvet cake.

These two lovely sisters did equally amazing work!

Rachel blew us away with her White Chocolate/Coffee Chocolate layer cake!

Breanne's "naked" Vanilla Strawberry-Filled cake was a stunner!

Our class also served all the guests "blue-plate" style, and we utilized
the younger girls as waitresses as well!

What a beautiful experience for each of these girls as they
worked together encouraging each other in learning new ministry
and entrepreneurial skills!!
I'm just so thankful for the opportunities the Lord has brought our way
as we continue to raise them for His glory and service!!