Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring break fun: Carlo's Bake Shop Dallas

We had spring break the week before Easter
and it's always a great time to explore and try something new!!
Our family has always enjoyed watching TLC's "Cake Boss,"
so when we heard that they were opening a shop not 30 minutes from our house,
we thought it would be fun to go visit.

We made a mistake though.
We went only 3 days after their massive grand opening.

I thought that by that day the lines wouldn't be crazy and their good customer
service would be back on track.

Well, it wasn't exactly like that!  
The lines didn't seem too long when we first arrived and I prepped
my children that we would plan on waiting no longer than two hours.

One hour in and we were all still excited and in good spirits.
All of the other folks in line were jovial and having a blast.
But we quickly realized the line was going no where and the
store was shorthanded and line management was extraordinarily poor.
After waiting an hour and a half, not moving one inch, and realizing there
would be a minimum wait of another hour before even getting in the store
to the next line, we bailed.

Right around the corner is another famous cupcake shop that I've always wanted to try.

We walked over a block and had the best cupcakes I've ever tasted!!!
They aren't famous for nothin'!!

Each of my kids had a delicious cupcake and we decided we would come back
to Carlo's Bake Shop in a couple months when all the hype had died down
and they had a better handle on customer service!
A stop at McDonald's on the way home for lunch capped off a fun morning
and everyone was happy!!!


Donna said...

And you didn't bring one to share with me? They look delicious!

Garima said...