Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Intentionality: Making time for some fun in your marriage

Several years ago, my husband and I wanted something fun to do together
away from our daily routine and without children.
With six homeschooled children, that seemed like an impossible task.
But we decided to try something we had never done before,
and that was to pack up for 3 days and head over to a neighboring
state and attend the couples retreat at our favorite Christian Camp.
We felt like we were going on a bit of an adventure that first time
because we really had no idea what to expect.
You can peek into that trip and all the subsequent trips here.

After that first initial adventure, we were hooked!
We have tried to go every year since, and now we're taking other couples with us!!

The journey itself to the camp has become an adventure!!
Making fun stops along the way adds even more fun!!!

The quiet time together to just talk about inconsequential things as well as the 
important things is priceless.

Hanging out with friends and meeting new friends refreshes
our hearts and spirits!!

Time spent in God's Word together always challenges us in areas of our lives personally
as well as the tone of our family that needs attention.
This year's speaker was Morris Gleiser with his wife, Lynn.

Several of his challenges really spoke to my heart: 

"God's intention:  A holy, healthy, heavenly home"
"Our home should have such a heavenly atmosphere to it that the angels of God
would feel comfortable being there.  Not the other ones."
The Husband = Servant Leader
The Wife = Servant Completer (NOT complainer or competer!)
Team mates assisting one another!!"

"Our homes should be filled with an ambiance of grace!
We need grace words in our home "seasoned with salt. 
As you give grace to others you leave behind an "odor" of grace."

 Being silly together helps to break through the ice that can build up over time unknowingly
because of busy schedules, little time to talk, the needs of many children,
household tasks, and ministry responsibilities!
Make time to have fun....on purpose!!

The trip home had its own set of adventures enjoying some of God's
incredibly beautiful creations as well as lunch at a new place!!!

We try to get away alone on "date nights" as often as we can.
Sometimes those times seem few and far between because of work/sleep schedules,
family activities, illness, or lack of extra finances.
This retreat has become a concrete spot on our calendar because we've found that being
intentional about it is the only way it can happen.
It is always scheduled in the spring, just after our income tax refund hits the bank.
We look at this as a priceless investment in our marriage and we always use a little
of that money to fund this trip!
This year it seemed like several things happened that were going to derail 
our ability to go to the retreat.
The week prior there had been torential rain that flooded the area, washing away
roads and submerging the highways.
20 inches of rain in one week seemed like an impossible thing to recover from.
Just as it looked like the water would be receding, I started feeling yucky.
Like I hadn't in years.
Hot flashes of fever and sore throat.
When the waves of nausea and white stripes on my tonsils showed up,
I knew I needed to move quick.
Sure enough, it was strep throat.
3 days before we were to leave town.
On this occasion, I eagerly went to an urgent care clinic, got the diagnosis
and antibiotic, and stayed down for 2 days.
The Lord is good!!!
He answered prayer and removed all the obstacles and we were able to leave
right on schedule!!
What a blessing it was!!

We have never been disappointed and always come home refreshed, encouraged,
and looking forward to next year's retreat!

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Donna said...

Southland is a beautiful place. Love Collin Street. T looks just like the guy on the bottle. Wow! Didn't know he was so famous. Glad you were able to go and have a wonderful time together.