Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Women's Wellness Wednesday: Zevia

Let me state from the get-go here:
I'm not an advocate for drinking soda or pop (as I grew up calling it.)

I don't know if you have ever read the ingredients label on a can
of your favorite soft drink, but it's not good!!

Waaaaay too much sugar.
Caramel color.
Artificial colors.
The list goes on.

There are a zillion articles on the worldwide web with a plethora of information
about how detrimental these drinks are for your health.
People continue to chug them though.
I know they are super cheap.
$1 for a 2-liter?
Come on!

We have not had soda or pop in our house on a regular basis for years now
and we don't miss them.
Neither does our well-being!!

With all that being said though, I wanted to share a brand that we've recently tried
as a "treat" once in a while!

I think some people have the mind-set that a diet soda would be better for them
than the regular (sugar laden) variety.
Artificial sweeteners (splenda, sucralose, and aspartame) cause even more health problems and are worse for your body than sugar!!!
Again, you can research that anywhere on the internet!

But Zevia has mastered a great tasting soda without the sugar, caramel color, and caffeine!!
It's sweetened with stevia and erythritol and has no colors in it!

My family has tried several flavors and we really love this "root beer" the best.
It's sweet, but not medicinal or bitter to us.

The cherry cola and cola flavors tasted like cough syrup to us, so not our favorites.
The "sprite" version wasn't a big hit either.
We enjoyed taste testing all the new flavors, and came to rest on this as our favorite.
Because it isn't loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners, caffeine, and caramel color,
I love offering this for special family nights or day-trips instead of the mainstream sodas!
Be aware that it is  much pricier than your top-brand soda/pop.
This case of 10 is normally about $7 at our local health food store (Sprout's.)
But I snagged a couple cases on a sale day of buy one, get one free!
You can find these at some local grocery story chains as well!

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