Monday, February 22, 2010

Update on Intuniv......week 5

I've noticed some interesting things about my precious son here recently that I thought I might share with you who are interested in trying Intuniv. We started the 3 mg. pill two weeks ago, and tomorrow will begin our third week on it. At first, he responded really well, and the only "side effects" we noticed were him involuntarily falling asleep around 4 pm for a few days. That seemed to go away after a couple days and he didn't seem to be as sleepy as the days went on. I commented to my husband, and he agreed, that our son was much less edgy, calmer, and hardly had ANY screaming fits. He was much more cooperative in doing his schoolwork, and could sit still and finish his work for longer periods of time. I'm talking, he could sit for nearly an HOUR!! Normally, he's done after 10 minutes!! I would have to say that I do believe it helped him with his focus, though all the packaging suggests that this medication isn't indicated to help with that. It may just be that it helped lessen that urgency to have to move so much, so he could sit still better, hence his focus was on what was in front of him.

Anyway, the other thing we noticed was that if he did get upset by something, his calm down time was cut in half or more. PLUS, by the evening time, he was so cooperative and SWEET. I took the above photo of him in a moment that I have NEVER experienced with him. He has never, ever volunteered to do dishes in his life. But when his sister offered him some kind of kick-back for doing this job for her, he EAGERLY agreed. Never, ever would've happened before the Intuniv. He just wouldn't have the time or the patience for such a task.

BUT......and here it is.....BUT.....this last weekend.....I don't was a trainwreck for him.
Friday morning I woke up and felt like I had been hit by a semi-truck in the night, and I had to call my husband home from work to care for our children because I couldn't stay out of the bed. For two days, I was laying there miserable, and just listening to what was happening with Daddy in charge. Some of it was beautiful, and some of it was just downright ugly. Most of the ugly was my son. It was like he wasn't taking any medication for his ADHD at all!! He spent Friday and Saturday, and a lot of Sunday side-ways..........irritable, screaming mad, crying, angry, upset at the littlest thing. It has been so different that I called our doctor about it this morning to discuss this with the nurse. Of course, I haven't heard anything from them all day, and of course, today has been so different for him. Today he was much more mellow, had a great time beating Daddy at a game of MONOPOLY (a nightmare for kids who can't stay in one place for long....he crushed Daddy by the way!!), and fell asleep again at his normal afternoon time for about 30 minutes. So strange. Anyway, maybe he just needed his mom to be back up and on her feet, maybe it's something weird about the medication. I'll keep you posted if the doctor's office ever decides to call me back!!!


Linda said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! My daughter has ADHD, and I have had so many problems with finding the right medicine for her. She was concerta for a long time and was doing okay on it but would have nervous ticks with it and chew on her finger nails and on her tongue. So I had to watch her very closely, but in the last 2 months she has been falling behind in school work and having serious tempers and problems with anger. Then I saw a commercial for this medicine and then I found your blog and I'm starting it tomorrow!

Lisa [UK] said...

I hope I am not too late.. just found this blog.. what made you choose a non stimulant instead of something like concerta or Vyvanse?

Brenda said...

Hi Lisa!!
No, you're not too late!! So glad you found our blog!!
There were several reasons I did not choose a stimulant. One thing I was concerned about was the potential for affecting my son's appetite and the weight loss that can result. I just didn't want to put him through that if there was another option. I was also wary of the mood swings I was told could accompany a stimulant medication. The long term-side effects were not something I wanted him to have to deal with along with all the emotional struggles we already had. We have none of those on Intuniv!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! So glad I stumbled onto this blog! We started our 6yo son on Intuniv a month ago. I can relate to some of the things on your blog!!! The problem we are facing now is that I went to fill the prescription after finishing up the trial supply at 3mg and our insurance doesn't cover it. :( We are hoping to appeal it. It has worked wonders for him. We've struggled with his hyperactivity, defiance and mood swings at home since preschool. Yet, on the Intuniv we've had people coming up to us complimenting us on his improved behavior, asking us what we've been doing! ;o) One of the things we're seeing though, is that he is waking early in the morning, almost wired. Did you encounter that? He does have some drowsy moments at school and falls right to sleep at night...

Betty E. said...

Glad I found your blog. We put our son on Intuniv 1mg and seemed to see instant results. Less argumentative, happier, more cooperative. The teachers were saying they saw little to no difference. So we moved him up to 2mg. He was way more emotional, crying getting upset over little things. The 3rd night he heard a voice and was terrified. We immediately went back to 1mg. What I noticed was it seemed to wear off. It's been only 2 months and he is taking 1 1/2 mg now. This drug is weird. We saw such remarkable change in the beginning and it seemed to wear off quickly. Moving him up to 1 1/2 doesn't seem to be doing anything either. He seems angry again and defiant and there is more yelling and arguing. I can relate with so many of the comments. My son is a really bright boy, pianist,smart funny. I wish I knew the answer. The other drugs sound scary too. I just don't know. This also gave him stomach cramps but those would wear off after two days of upping the dose. Thinking of trying Focalin? Not sure what to do.