Saturday, January 30, 2010

Update on INTUNIV....Day 3

So Day 3 was a little bit harder. What I mean by that is we saw a lot of what we're used to seeing in Grant before he started this medication. He was up at his normal time, fooling around and bothering people. He had a hard time controlling his temper and being respectful towards me.

On a positive note though, I can still tell that he calms down easier/softer than he was prior to INTUNIV, and I do have to mention that he did not get as much outside time today due to rainy/cold weather. Any child has a hard time under those circumstances.
I also noticed that I'm finding him sitting at the schoolroom table by himself playing with little nonsense toys fairly quietly more often than I've ever seen him. He seems to be calmer and able to sit there without being asked to for longer periods of time before he moves on to the next thing. He also sat with me in a quiet room in the evening after getting ready for bed and read an entire little reader book with very few helps from me. He was calm as he tried to figure out the words, and just politely asked me to help him with a few words instead of getting frustrated. It was so pleasant, and I could tell he was trying so hard. It was a lovely moment!!!
He is sleeping fine all night, though I still have been giving him his regular 1.5 mg. pill of melatonin before bed. (If you've never tried melatonin with your child, and he/she has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, you should try this. It's great for the sleep issues that come along with ADHD!!! I buy a bottle of 120 3mg. pills at Wal-Mart for $6. I cut it in half and give one-half to Grant and the other half to my oldest daughter who has inattentive-ADHD and the most sleeping issues, and they are asleep for the night within 20-30 minutes!!)

We are currently on just 1 mg. of the INTUNIV, and will continue to be until day 7. Then we will step up to 2 mg. and see if what benefits that offers us. I can tell you, I'm already looking forward to that.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Update on INTUNIV....Day 2

So day 2 of this new medication for my son has been a bit different from the first day. The morning was so quiet for us because I had to WAKE HIM UP at 9:30 am. He usually is bounding out of bed between 7:30 and 8:00 am and starts irritating his siblings immediately.
He did get resistive about his schoolwork this morning and refused to do his English, and he did struggle with getting along well with the neighborhood children outside in the afternoon. In fact, he was so aggravated and upset when he came in for dinner that he shouted at me,
"See!!!!...this vitamin (which is how he refers to the medication) isn't working."

One thing I mentioned to the doctor on Monday was how both his sister and I have been diagnosed with under active thyroid issues since we last saw this doctor in August. We both are on Levothyroxine now because of this. I have read in a couple different places that thyroid issues can have ADHD as a symptom (in fact I've noticed some change in my diabetic daughter along these lines since having her thyroid issue). So I asked the doctor if he thought maybe we should have my son checked because we have such a strong family problem with it just to make sure he doesn't have an underlying thyroid issue as well. I haven't seen any other symptoms that would indicate that, but I would love to just make sure.
Also, the doctor ordered a routine EKG check on Grant since he is starting this new medication.This doctor's office has a policy that any child on any medication must have a routine EKG done when they start the medication. I'm assuming they do this so they have a base to go off of in case of any side effects down the line. As an added note, INTUNIV is really (long-acting) Tenex which was once used to treat high blood pressure. So, of course, a side effect of this medication could be a possible lowering of blood pressure. It has to be dosed up in increments until the body gets used to it and he has to be weaned off slowly if we decide it isn't working for him because of the blood pressure issues.

Today (Wednesday), my husband took Grant to have both the EKG done as well as the blood draw for the thyroid check. I told him to be prepared for Grant to resist and fight the blood draw.

He didn't.

He just sat there and watched the nurse slip the needle in, draw the blood, and take it out. No fighting, no resisting, no crying, no freaking out.

Major, major victory for Grant.

His dad was so impressed that instead of the measly McDonald's for lunch, he took him to Applebee's!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

How we've come to decide to try some medication for my son in managing his ADHD.

This has not been an easy journey. In fact, in some respects, this issue has been more difficult to live with than the all consuming Diabetes routine we've come to respect and adjust to.

Our 7 year old son was diagnosed with the combined type of ADHD along with anxiety issues last August. We've been trying to manage and train him though for 7 years. I distinctly remember him becoming more difficult and active right around 18 or 20 months old, and thinking that this was the beginning of the "terrible two's". I hoped his behavior would improve by 3. It didn't. So I hoped he would grow out of his crying and tantrums by four. Nope. Worse. So surely by the time he was 6 we'd have the smiling, happy, charming child we had worked so hard to bring out. Nope.
By the time I started schooling him, I knew.

I knew he was probably ADHD.
But then when the Diabetes rushed in and took over our lives, his issue had to go on the back burner. So finally, last summer I took him to "The Child Study Center" in Fort Worth.
I mentioned to the doctor that my son had this weird kinda tic. It was almost cute sometimes.
He would start winking his left eye in any kind of situation that was different for him.
It could be on stage with the children's choir at church, it could be celebrating the big baseball team championship his team won in the spring, it could be when his dad or I were trying to correct him in some area, or it could be sitting with a new tutor.
Then there was the anger. Hoo boy... can that child get mad.
Spankings only made him go ballistic.
Time alone in his room to calm down was the only way we could get him to a point where we could talk to him about what triggered him to become defiant, or so angry.

I was prepared to hear ADHD, but was surprised with the anxiety diagnoses. Made sense though. But I didn't really know what to do for that. The doctor recommended counseling. He also recommended that I get some evaluations done at the public school for some of his learning difficulties too. He did not push medication. In fact, he warned with his anxiety issues that some of the stimulant medications available could trigger suicidal thoughts. Neither my husband or I wanted to put him through that. I didn't want the sedating effect either, or the erasing of the personality, or the wight loss because his appetite gets cancelled out.
So I researched some counseling. Came up with a bunch of dead-ends. Very expensive. Not Biblically based. Too far away.
I've looked through dietary changes and supplements. More dead-ends. How much and what will help? The lists are ENDLESS and would take me YEARS to work through. I've tried cutting out artificial colors. No change. I've tried adding some supplements. He gagged and wouldn't take them because they smelled bad. I've made EVEN MORE changes in how processed our food is on top of trying to figure out all the dietary needs of my diabetic child. No change.
I need something else soon, or I will need the medication myself!!!
I've been reading endlessly on the internet about different approaches to treatment. It's either too costly or on the other side of the continent.

Most interestingly, the Lord has brought complete strangers across my path here recently who have been so encouraging about our struggles. One lady in particular that talked with me for about 45 minutes after going through the check-out lane at Wal-Mart at Christmas left me so encouraged.
Her son is also ADHD and she is as well. She was so encouraging and compassionate and understanding of how difficult this is to handle on a daily basis. Especially when going out into public. She told me not to be afraid of trying him on some medication. She said that sometimes you can't even see who these kids really are and the wonderful talents they have because they are MASKED behind these hyper, angry symptoms. They are so frustrated many times because they KNOW they have something "wrong" with them, and want to behave, but just physically can not.
That stuck with me. I started thinking more and more about that. It made so much sense.
Recently here, my son has had some particularly bad evenings. Evenings where he is still running and bouncing on the bed and bugging his 9:00 pm......after a full day of the same. He got into a squabble or something, ended up upset, and went to bed crying.
When I was tucking him in, he was crying and telling me that he didn't WANT to have ADHD, that he didn't know why God made him have it, and that he wanted it to go away.
That just about did me in. I knew then that doing nothing was not an option. Giving up on finding something to help him would be cruel and negligent. I'm not waiting around and looking and looking for something that I'm not going to find anytime soon.

We had a follow-up appointment with our doctor on Monday. I talked to him about how we had changed up our entire school curriculum and I had switched all the rooms around in the house to facilitate a better learning environment, and that Grant was improving in his schoolwork!! But I also told him that we still had huge struggles. I talked to him about medication options that we could use a a tool to help him be calm enough for us to be able to talk to him and get through to him, and that would help give him some inner control and peace.
He told me about a new medication that has come out since we were last there in August.
It's called INTUNIV.
It's not a stimulant, and it's not a controlled substance as are other medications used for ADHD.
I'm very hopeful that this will help him.
It's not supposed to help with focus and grades in school and attention.
It is supposed to take the edge off the irritability, and help with the hyperactivity.
It sounds like a really good fit for us.
It is NOT without its side effects though, and we are prayerfully watching for those things.
We were told it would take about a week for his body to adjust before we saw any changes, but I have to say that he took his first dose Tuesday morning, and he was a different person.
I absolutely noticed that he did not have a scream fest ONE time that morning. He was very cooperative with me the whole day, and his sisters noticed that he wasn't as irritating to them.
I don't know if that was just too good to be true, but let me tell was a victory for us!!!

We'll see how tomorrow goes now, and how he sleeps tonight.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My new thing.....

So a couple weeks ago, I saw an endocrinologist.

See, for quite a while now I just haven't been feeling myself.
I don't know exactly who I was feeling like.....but it WASN'T me.

I can't even tell you when I first noticed this. It kinda snuck up on me.
I just know that 2009 was an excruciatingly stressful year for me (and our family.)
What with Ashlyn's diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes in February (to start our year off right),
to Lexi and Grant's diagnosis of ADHD in August and with my husband's crazy night shift work schedule. I just started feeling like I was loosing control of my household and that just put me
in emergency mode all the time. I started noticing that I was yelling and raging mad at SOMETHING every day (it seemed like). Then I would feel depressed about the future
of my family. I was constantly putting out fires and dodging shoes that were being thrown
by the children at each other.
Then there is my weight.
I feel like I'm two of me.
I'm not used to being this heavy.
But I haven't lost a single pound since Aryn was born two years ago.
Then there is this fog!!
I literally feel like I'm two steps behind everybody and that I can't remember anything...
Not just this silly, oh, I can't remember where I put my keys today.
I can't remember why I came in here.
But what was I doing before I came in here?
If I don't write it down on my calendar, I will NOT remember that I have an appointment.
I can't remember names of people, or things that I should know.
Just my head is in a cloud!!

So I started talking.
Talking to my friend who is handling some thyroid issues (thank you Amber!!!), talking to my mom who has been dealing with her thyroid since junior high school, talking to my sister who is also managing a thyroid thing.
I started reading.
Reading on the internet.
But what I was feeling didn't always line up with what I was hearing or reading.
So then while in casual conversation one day with my friend, I happened to try to feel my thyroid to see if I could tell whether or not it was enlarged.
Low and behold there is a knot on it.
I was thinking, "WHAT? You've GOT to be kidding?"
I had never noticed it before, you can't see it in the mirror, and it doesn't bother me to swallow.
I decided then and there to just go and get things checked out. If I was wrong, no big deal.
If there was something there, then let's get it fixed.

So I started by calling my OB/GYN (who I LOVE) and made an appointment for a general physical.
I told him about what had been going on this last year, and how I was feeling, and casually mentioned that I had found this small marble size knot on what I THOUGHT was my thyroid.
He felt it and agreed that it should NOT be there.
He sent me to have an ultrasound on my thyroid as well as having bloodwork done too.
When that all came back, he recommended that I see an endocrinologist.

So I went.
And he diagnosed me as having "Hypothyroidism" which is the big term for under active thyroid.
Which would also explain why all- of- a -sudden I couldn't get warm at night.
I was just thinking that I was most comfortable wearing sweats to bed with 3 blankets because it was 12 degrees overnight here recently.
Well, the temps have gone back up to a balmy 40 degrees and I'm still FREEZING at night.

So I'm taking 50 mg. of "levothyroxine" until my next blood draw in a couple months to check and see if this is a good dose for me or not.
I also go back next month for another ultrasound of my thyroid and that knot,
as well as a "fine needle aspiration" of the knot.
Think amniocentesis......of this knot.
It involves poking a needle into this thing and drawing out whatever is in it to check for cancer
and whatever else could be causing this.
Now, my doctor is not overly worried that this is what it is, but he's just checking to be sure.
I'm good with that......the needle....not so much.
He has reassured me though that this offending needle is VERY fine (like finer than my daughter's insulin syringes), so I'm actually not even freaking out about it.

Thankfully this is the all-American condition and is extremely common.
In fact, I bet you know of a lady who is or has had a problem with their thryoid and needs medication for it.
Hence, the medication is extremely cheap. (You might think that because of that the opposite would be true!!!)
Like $10 for a 90-day my Kroger pharmacy.
It's the same at Wal-Mart if I'm not mistaken.

I started feeling old when I left the parking lot of the endocrinologist.
A little scene from the movie "Pollyanna" went through my mind.
The one where Pollyanna visits that cranky lady who thinks she is dying (you'll remember that I will not be able to remember her name right now...),
and the lady says "I'm on death's doorstep. Just pills and bills!!"
That's me.
Staring at the big 4-0 in little more than a week here, and already popping pills
first thing in the morning.
But I hope it helps me remember things better,
and that I'll start to thaw out!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Gift idea for a two-year old girl.....

Occasionally people (usually ladies) will ask me for gift ideas for different ages of children. I guess I look like a good candidate for being aware of that kind of thing since we have a variety of ages in our home. I usually draw a blank right at the moment I'm asked about this, so I thought I'd share this with you before I forget about it.

I found this at Wal-Mart last weekend for our little new two-year old. I'm getting more and more choosy about the gifts we get for our children because we are running out of space in our house, and I don't want to keep up after a jillion different pieces of some toy. Our little Aryn LOVES baby dolls. She is beginning to look like Michelle Duggar with all the dolls in her crib. Because her 3 sisters all enjoyed babies too, we have several different accessories for dolls ranging from strollers, to back-packs, to clothes, highchairs, pillows and blankets.

Somehow, though, we missed the baby bed.

This little baby doll bed is PERFECT for a little girl! It's just the right size for her, doesn't have a million pieces, was easy for Mom to snap together, and is nice and sturdy. The parts fit together beautifully, and you can snap out the little legs to keep it still or snap the legs in to make it rock. I have been impressed with this little toy, and highly recommend it. The price: $15


Saturday, January 23, 2010

A "Date Night"!!!

My husband and I don't get enough of these, but last night I was able to go with him for dinner to a country club where he was invited to sing along with the rest of our church's mens quartet.

I apologize that the picture is a little hard to see, but at least the sound is good!!
My husband is on the far left in the pink shirt.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Homemade Brown Sugar

This past Saturday I decided to make 3 batches of our favorite Peanut Butter Swirl Bars (click on that name for the recipe, if you're interested.) It wasn't until I was already into the recipe that I remembered I was out of brown sugar. Never fear!! I knew I had some molasses in my pantry somewhere and plenty of granulated I was all set. Did you know you can make your own brown sugar? Some people like the taste of it better than the store bought version. I'm not sure that it would be cheaper since brown sugar is already pretty cheap and molasses is a bit pricey, but I think it would be pretty close. The flavor is worth it!!!

To one cup of white granulated sugar, use 2 T. of old-fashioned dark molasses.
Mix together well and store as you would store bought brown sugar, in an airtight container.

Not completely mixed yet.....

Just about right!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Look what we lost recently.....

Our Abby is 5 years old now, and was very grown up about loosing her first tooth.
First tooth in.....first tooth out.

A favorite field trip

Last Monday we went on a very exciting field trip.
Almost every Monday we take a field trip of some sort because we have Daddy
home with us on that day, and because a lot of places aren't packed full of
other students that day either.

We went to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Fort Worth, Texas.
This is a part of the U.S. Department of Treasury where they print U.S. currency.
Our Fort Worth facility is only the second location in the world after Washington D.C. where this is done.
Can I just say......FASCINATING!!!

I could only get two pictures.
The one below and the other one of the sign which has somehow gotten deleted off of my camera.

Anyway, I think you'll notice all the barbed wire fences around the area?
That was just a part of the extensive security they have in place here.
You cannot take in, drink, cell phone, camera, guns, etc.
As you get out of your car in the parking lot, you can hear the voice telling you to leave everything in your car.
Then you go through what amounts to airport security complete with scanners, wallets and shoes through the conveyor belt x-ray machine, all manned by very large, well-armed policemen.

After your initiation at the "welcome" center, you get a 60 second shuttle bus ride to the actual building where the printing is done.
You have to stay within eyesight of the tour guide the entire time, and they count the number of people going in for the tour and the number of people coming out of the tour.
So very informative.....but pictures.......remember, I couldn't take in my camera.

We also saw a short, 15-minute film about the facility, and then looked at some of the amazing exhibits on the second floor. My children loved rummaging through the gift shop. By the time we were done with all that, we decided we would have to come back to go through the first floor museum. The best part?
All free!!!
(except for the gift shop, of course)

If you're ever in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I would definitely recommend this as a site to see!!!

P.S. Here are a couple pieces of trivia for you:

What is our paper money made of?

How many different security features are included in our modern day currency?

How many different kinds of printing/engraving are included on every note?

What is the largest note ever printed (not the size, but the amount)? What was it used for?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Common, yet little spoken of, issues accompanying ADHD

Recently, I was talking with some friends in my church who also have ADHD children. I was asking them if they have seen similar things in their children that we have been dealing with for years. We have gotten so used to them, that we have just chalked them up to the quirks that every child possesses. But the more I saw the similarities in these other children, the more I began thinking that maybe these are characteristic of all children with ADHD.
So, I did an informal poll of some families on an ADHD forum that I'm casually involved with, and VOILA.....wouldn't ya know it......almost all of the responses I received said, "YES!! We struggle with almost every one of those!!" So I'm going to ask you, if you are a parent of an ADHD you see these things in your children? I can guarantee you that you will not find them in a formal list of "typical" symptoms that you will read in your Pediatrician's office nor online at any website that discusses this issue. I think that these are just things that you realize are there after YEARS of dealing with it. Here's the list:

Do your children:
  1. Have sleep issues? Whether they don't fall asleep quickly, or wouldn't be bothered if they stayed up all night, or wake up at weird times fully awake and wake you up or do stuff in their rooms?? How do you handle that??
  2. Prefer (almost crave) being outside? Do you have to bolt the door shut with extra locks to keep them from just going outside without your permission? Do they seem calmer when they come inside?
  3. Have an almost unusual love for animals. Like it consumes them?
  4. Have issues at almost every meal about what is put in front of them? Can you tell that certain textures bother them? Or certain smells or they way something looks? If it looks like something alive, can you tell they just won't eat it? How do you handle that?
  5. Think or at least verbalize that everyone "hates" them?
  6. Just say disrespectful things to you (or other adults) like a "knee-jerk" reaction even though they have been taught it is wrong, understand it is wrong, and seem to not really mean what they say?
  7. Enjoy time on the computer, but could take-or-leave the TV?? Would they stay on the computer as long as you would let them, but not in front of the TV?
  8. Have a special memory or sentiment attached to EVERY little thing they've ever owned? Is it hard for your child to throw stuff away?
  9. Rarely seem like he/she gets sick?? If everyone in our family is down with a bug and exhausted and needing to just be in bed and quiet, my son is still bouncing off the walls bugging us. If he does come down with something, it only lasts like 12 hours or less.....He has NEVER been on an antibiotic of any kind for anything....he's almost 8.
  10. Not need as much affection as your other children? I remember my oldest daughter always pushing away from me even as a baby at bedtime instead of being a snuggly one. To this day, she rarely comes to me for a hug or any kind of physical affection. My son tolerates discipline better if I pull him to me and talk softly, and wipe off the tears and rub his face, and hug him a little. But that's about it. He rarely approaches me, but will calm way down if I put my face close to him or hug him, etc.
  11. Seem to have a gift for creativity? Like just creating stuff out of nothing? For example, my daughter (ever to hate throwing things away) has gone through the neighbors trash on trash day, and pulled junk out to make "things" out of it. She used to constantly tie "things" to other "things". I couldn't keep socks in her drawers because she was always tying them up to make "rag dolls" she called them, or whatever else she needed to join stuff together. Drove me crazy!!! I'm hoping someday she will actually make something useful. I did enroll her at JoAnn Fabrics for a jewelry making class in which she excelled and has made beautiful pieces. But she didn't stick with that for long, of course, and kept leaving all her supplies out so all the younger siblings were messing with it. Now we're on to the next thing.

I've been doing a lot more reading about ADHD here recently, and came upon the term "neurologically impaired" when referring to this issue along with several other different brain differences. It makes sense to me that learning that ADHD is a REAL issue, a REAL differential in the structure and function of their brains, that these other things that are so sensory in nature would naturally be a problem.
But I never really like the term "handicapped" or "impaired". You see, I serve a BIG God. I believe in and live for a God who loves each of my children and created each one of them with a special purpose and design. Each one of them has God's fingerprints on them, just in different ways. They each have their own unique "mark of ownership." I don't believe they are "impaired" or "handicapped". Challenged maybe, but aren't we all? I prefer to look at the great things each of my children has the potential to reach, not the things that could potentially hold them back. These issues my children live with also come with amazing gifts not given to everyone else. So what if my child is not going to win the Scripps National Spelling Bee? So what, if my child is not going to be an academic star? So what, if my child will NEVER or RARELY get a 100% on her math test? Does that mean God can't use him or her? I believe the answer to that question is unequivocally, "NO!" I'll talk more about what the Lord has been showing me about this in an upcoming post!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday's Super Mom

It's been awhile since I've posted about a "super mom" lately, so I thought it was time to share about another interesting lady who mothers many children.

It rather bothers me, this thought that having more than the national average of children
is something to be loathed. Most couples I know do not even consider this idea is following more of our culture than God's plan for families. I believe it's a secular culture philosophy that has found deep roots in our churches also. I wonder if this saddens our Heavenly Father?

I completely understand that God uses every family differently and that it isn't His plan for all couples or doesn't allow some couples to have several children, much less even one.

That's why I think it's just pivotal that you be in tune with God's calling on your life and His design and plan for the family.....your family.

Why did He institute the family in Scripture even before the church?
Why does the Lord refer to children being our "heritage" and "reward"?

I love this quote by Vision Forum founder, Doug Phillips:

The Bible calls debt a curse and children a
blessing; but in our culture, we apply for a
curse and reject blessings. Something is
wrong with this picture." ~ Doug Phillips

I just wonder how many couples really put any thought into what the Lord might want to use their families for? This has been weighing on my mind lately. It's not the easiest path to be surrendered to God to use us however He wants, to be His vessels poured out for Him, to trust Him when the situation looks foolish or impossible.
But I think that that is the only path to peace and purpose and fulfillment and true joy.
To be in tune with God's will for our lives.

You gotta check out this family!!!
Meet the Muncks HERE.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's a new year......!!!

Things have calmed down quite considerably around our house. Is your house returning to that quiet, daily purring along that occurs in the "normal" times of the year? I love the holidays, don't get me wrong. But I love when the holidays are all over, and there is no rushing to rehearsals, no sugar overload from all the holiday goodies, no more things to find places for, and everything has been neatly packed away until next year. In the process of putting things up, I also put away some other piles that had been accumulating over the last couple months, and throwing out some junk that had been hanging on for no apparent reason.

Now, I've gotten a new, rather empty, sparkling white calendar. It doesn't have a lot on it right now. I've been contemplating our path for this coming year. When do the birthdays fall? What church activities are we NOT going to have to miss this year?? When is our annual "birthday bash" going to be? When is summer camp and Vacation Bible School at church this year? It's so much fun to lay that all out and get a good picture of where we are heading.

It's a fresh, exciting start.
Lots to look forward to.

One thing that is going to change the dynamics of our family life, and that I have been so looking forward to is that my husband was able to get on the DAY shift for this year!! That is HUGE!!!
It changes everything and makes everything so much sweeter!! For the last nearly 4 years, he worked every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night, and every OTHER Saturday night. From 5 pm to 5 am.
So, that meant he would leave for work at 4:30 pm, after starting to shower and suit up by 4:00pm. He would get home in the morning usually just after 5 am (since we live only minutes from the police station), unless he got hung up with paper-work. Then he would try to wind down and get to sleep around 6 am and sleep until around 2 pm or sometimes 3 pm depending on when he was actually able to fall asleep.
So that means every night I'm putting children to bed alone and getting them up and getting the day going and trying to keep 6 children quiet while daddy is sleeping. I wasn't always successful.
He missed a lot of weekend activities which is when all activities are usually scheduled, and he never could go to Wednesday evening church with us. Sundays were especially difficult.
I was already pretty tired Sunday morning after trying to get all the bags packed that need to go with us, make sure the van is gassed up, have meals planned for Sunday, and get 6 children bathed and their clothes organized all the night before. Then it was driving a half-hour to church (and I was lucky to not have to make a stop or two because a little one had squirmed out of their car seat), gather them all back together after services were over, the drive back, and feeding everyone lunch before my husband would get up around 2pm. Exhausting.

Now he will get to go with us on Wednesday evenings occasionally, and every Sunday!!
Needless to say, I'm so excited about this prospect for this year!!

I have also been ruminating over some goals I have set for this coming year. Stayed tuned for details!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Did you know you could do this??

I found this on a friend's blog and thought it was so interesting, so I had to try it for myself.
If you happen to have a facebook page, you might like to try it.