Saturday, March 5, 2016

When you wonder where the time is going?

Some days I wonder if I have my priorities straight?
If I spend too much time on the things that are "seen."

You know.....the house cleaning.
The laundry.
The dishes.
The church ministries.
The school activities.

Some days I wonder if my children will ever grow up.
Like, into adults.
Some days, I feel like I'm still training and washing and picking up
and looking at the same piles I've looked at for 18 years.

But time marches on.
I can see it in these pictures.
These sentimental reminders of little hands, and diapers, and lost shoes,
and crazy hair, and poopy clothes, and crumby strollers,
and scattered toys, and knotted socks,
and big dreams, and endless storybooks, and hugs around the neck. 

Busy, hard days that blurred into a week leaving me stumbling into Sunday School half awake.
Wondering how I was going to get everyone home and fed and napped
and re-dressed and back out again.

But I'm beginning to see a glimmer of light from the end of the tunnel.
Things are getting slightly easier.
Not as many back-breaking endless chores.
But now the mental work.
Of planning for college.
Driver's training.
High school transcripts for the homeschooler?
First jobs.

And I wonder if I've done enough?
I'm starting to run out-of-time.
There is still so much more they need to know!!

When I stop and look back for a minute, I can see we've come such a long way.
But I wonder if it's enough?

Time is actually marching on and now our focus is starting to close in.
To get razor sharp.

I need to focus even more on those "unseen" things.
Those moments late at night when teenagers are most available and willing
to talk your ear off about what's going on in their lives.

Slowing down.  To listen.

The younger ones who still enjoy having a book read to them.
The middle ones who are starting to take the initiative to complete school work
or household chores simply because it pleases you.
They need my praise.
I need to recognize their effort.

 Most of all, prayer.
My time may be more free from the constant awareness, the hyper-focus required 
to supervise multiple young children, but I need to channel that time right back
into quiet, fervent prayer for my kids.
I don't see them every minute of the day anymore.
They are making more decisions on their own now.
They need Divine protection and wisdom.
Especially as they are growing and moving up and out.

I need to slow down time.

"Redeeming (making the most of your time) the time, because the days are evil."
Ephesians 5:16

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