Monday, May 22, 2017

Advanced Foods: Final Project: Mini-International Foods Festival!!

"All good things must come to an end,"
and so it is with my delightful Advanced Foods class.
We have just had an absolute blast tasting our way around the world.

I decided our final project for this class needed to be a way of showcasing
all of the different elements of what my students have learned over the last semester.

What better way to do that than hosting a mini "International Food Festival."
I assigned the girls the task of choosing which country 
they would like to represent,
writing a paper about that country and its foods,
 then choosing 3 dishes from that country to prepare.
I also asked them to prepare a simple table presentation
 that displayed all of these elements.
We prepared enough for each student and teacher in our co-op to sample,
and what a wonderful morning we had together!!!

Ashlyn fell in love with the continent of Asia and chose 3 different dishes from
3 different countries.

Spicy Shirataki Miso Stir-Fried Noodles {Japan}
 and Stir-fried Beef with Snowpeas {China}

Korean Sweet Pancakes

Grace chose the country of England and prepared 3 delicious dishes.

Banoffe Pie and Blueberry Scones

Coronation Chicken Sandwiches

Rachel chose Jewish cuisine.

Delicious Pan-Roasted Cherry Tomato Soup!

Citrus Roasted Chicken and Kurabiye Wedding Butter Cookies

A "knock-your-socks-off Sparkling Limonana
which combined the flavors of lemon and fresh mint!!

Brea thrilled us all with her choice of Italy!

Her lasagna was incredible..... was this tasty Italian Cream Soda!

Everyone loved this!!!

What fun browsing around the children as they were sampling their
plates full of food and hearing their thoughts on what they were tasting!
Nearly each of the children chose their siblings food as their favorite!

I'm not sure I've had more fun teaching than I have this year.  
This class "took the cake" and my students were so diligent and eager!
When God opened the door for our family to be a part of this homeschool co-op
I wasn't sure I would enjoy teaching high-schoolers.
What an amazing surprise it was for me to learn something new about myself!!
If I hadn't taken that step of faith, look at all the blessings I would have missed out on!!
God is so good!!!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Advanced Foods: Guest Teacher for Central and South America

Our very last guest teacher of the year for my Advanced Foods class
came to us representing Central and South America.
This lovely gentleman was born and raised deep in the heart of Mexico,
but has traveled extensively into both Central and South America
on different mission trips reaching people for Christ.
He shared many wonderful facts about the history of these cultures
and the influences on the foods enjoyed in these cultures.
We learned that the economy, agriculture, and geography of each country
heavily dictates the food available to them.
He gave us recipes for his world famous Mexican rice as well as
for migas (this is a scrambled egg dish with fried corn tortillas in it.)
His wife demonstrated how to prepare corn tortillas by warming/frying them
 quickly before serving. 
Finally, we tasted some lovely treats from his home country to round 
out our class!!

Thank you, Dr. Paco and Mrs. Lesa Guerrero for being such 
a blessing to my class!!!
We loved everything you prepared for us!!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Patch the Pirate Comes to Town

A couple weeks before Mother's Day, our church had the distinct privilege
of hosting one of three annual Majesty MusiColleges held across
the United States by Ron and Shelly Hamilton and their team.
What a blessing to be reacquainted with their music and testimonies
and to hear what God has done in their personal lives over the last several years. 

This is a two day conference held on Thursday and Friday with a glorious choir concert
open to the public on Friday evening.
What a thrill to be able to participate in that!
The last MusiCollege I was able to attend was over 20 years ago
(in my former [unmarried] life) when I was living in New Hampshire,
and I remember what an incredible experience it was then!
This was the first time that a MusiCollege was ever held in the 
great state of Texas!!!

On Saturday was the Patch the Pirate LIVE! show!
Aryn got to participate in that and what fun she had!!!