Life in my Shoes

Life in my Shoes

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Family Day!

Sunday dawned bright and beautiful and off to morning worship we went.
It's always lovely to visit my parents church because it's such 
a bright, vibrant, growing faith community of Bible believers
who love Jesus!
Plus, it's the church I got married in!!

After services were over, we drove down the road a couple hundred yards
to my sister's house where we met her newly adopted dog, Willie.

Willie was still a little skiddish, but Reece was thrilled
to have someone toss his driveway stones around so he could play
fetch with them.

After visiting with my sister, we traveled a few more miles
into the country for a cultural tradition in the Midwest.....
the high school graduation open house.
Typically, they are held somewhere on the property of the graduate's
family, and all his/her awards throughout high school are on display,
as well as ton's of delicious and unique homemade food!!
Every weekend in June you have several of these to attend,
and it's a wonderful way to celebrate with family and friends from far and near.

Last year, when my husband and I were in town
 to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary,
my dad took us to visit his good friend, the Sheriff of Fulton County, Roy Miller.
We got to tour the Fulton County Sheriff's Department and talk to him and learn 
about the in's and out's of being a first responder in that very rural area.
Afterwards, I was kicking myself because I did not get a picture of
us with Sheriff Roy Miller.
Well, this open house just happened to be at his home for his daughter,
so I got my picture!!!!

That evening, my sister and I took my dad out for dinner
for Father's Day since we wouldn't be able to be with him on that day.
It was so nice just to hang out together.
When I asked if we could get a picture, we realized
our seat was not very conducive to a photo op.
My sister pointed out that we had taken a nice photo
together earlier in the day, and that was good enough for me.

 Love you, Daddy!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Taking it slow: Sauder Village 2017

At the very tippy top of our bucket list of things do to in Ohio
is a day trip to what has become, in the last 40 years,
my favorite place on earth.

Sauder Village opened in 1976 and I remember visiting there
on a school field trip not many years after that.
When it simply comprised the "inner circle" of historical buildings,
the general store, and the museum building.

Today, it is a living historical area complete with a bakery, 
incredible inn (where my husband and I spent our wedding night!), campground,
and expanded historical village that should be on everyone's destination list
when visiting northwest Ohio!!!

I love it here so much that I worked here as a historical costumed interpreter 
for a few weeks the fall before I got married
 just after moving home from New Hampshire.
My Mom now works here in both the Holdeman Mennonite Church
as well as the St. Mark's Lutheran Church
 where she plays the pump organ for the daily visitors.

My children all look forward to the day we visit Sauder Village
and they save up their money to shop in the General Store, 
the Stella Leona Chocolate Shop,
and the gift shop!!

We so enjoyed another leisurely afternoon of wandering
the stony pathways, riding the train and buggy,
and enjoying even more ice cream!!