Life in my Shoes

Life in my Shoes

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Savoring the last days of summer slow

We're preparing for a new school year in our neck-of-the-woods!
School curriculum has been chosen, purchased, delivered, and filed.
High school transcripts have been mapped and printed out.
Learning clothes have been tried on, fitted, shortened, and ironed.
Daily volleyball practice has begun.
We've met the new co-op supervisor.
Snack and menu management for busy days has been organized.
Earlier bedtimes have commenced, and our calendars are filling up.

We have several big ministry projects at our church coming up in several weeks
that we are busy preparing for as well!

But before the busiest days swallow us up,
we are intentionally savoring the last days of summer together.
Dad doesn't usually get to join the teenagers on church youth activities,
but he was able to work out this special evening
with their very favorite local baseball team!!! 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Celebrating a summer birthday

Summer free time is winding down here.
You can feel it.
A restlessness and lethargy as structured summer activities have all
come to an end, and we are moving things out and getting
organized for another school year.

Recently, we all gathered together to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday.
My children adore their grandmother, and it's become an annual
tradition to lavish some extra love on her on her special day!!

She was just booked solid the week of her birthday and Ashlyn was
working this evening, so the three of us planned a fun lunch together
the following week to extend the festivities!!

Happy Birthday, Mom/Grandma!!
We love you!!