Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Our red-head goes to the Philippines

So after months of preparation, prayers, and philanthropic enterprises, the day finally arrived.
{You can read the first post about her adventures here.}
It was Thursday morning, April 30, 2015. 
The day Lexi's mission team was heading to the Philippines on an 18-hour journey.
Her dad and I had been planning this day for several weeks now.
Her flight was scheduled to leave from Dallas heading to Hong Kong at noon.
I mentioned this to her dad and asked if there was any way he could break away from work for a couple hours, or go in late, or trade with someone so he could go with us to say goodbye.
He asked around and figured out a way to work from 5 am to 9 am thus enabling him to get home
in time for us to get her there a couple hours before departure time. 
We would even have time to pick up Grandma Brough too!
The only possible hitch was if someone called in that morning thus requiring my husband to make up the difference in staffing.
But the chances were slim.

We were very excited when we went to bed Wednesday evening.
She was completely packed, ready to go.

Imagine our utter dismay when we were jolted out of bed by the phone ringing at 2 am.
Immediately, we thought my husband was being called into work, or worse yet, being alerted that indeed someone HAD called in, and he wasn't going to be able to go to the airport with us.

Instead, it was the mission team leader.
He was calling us because he had just spent hours on the phone with the airlines re-booking their flight.
As he was double-checking everything before going to bed Wednesday evening, he noticed that their flight from Hong-Kong to Manila had been changed to an earlier arrival time meaning they would have missed that flight.
There were no other flights out the day they were arriving which meant a 24-hour or more layover in Hong-Kong.  No one from the airlines had bothered letting him know of that change, so it was absolutely God's providence that he noticed it when he did.
He was able to book a new departing flight, but it was much earlier on Thursday morning.
Instead of leaving around 12 pm, they were now departing at 9:30 am!!!!!
As I lay there in the bed at 2 am trying to process this, it hit me.
Oh man, we're going to have to leave the house by 7:00 am.  And hit the highway at rush hour.
And get up by 6 am.....and my husband will be working.
He won't be able to go now.

After things settled down a bit, I was reminded of this scripture verse:

"People make plans in their minds 
{human hearts plan their path},
but the Lord decides what they will do
 {establishes their step.}"
Proverbs 16:9

Everything worked out.
We got her to the airport on time.
Not with the Brough Family Entourage we had originally planned, but that's ok.
Instead of a straight-through flight from Dallas to Hong-Kong, they would now have a lay-over in Los Angeles.  I really liked that idea!!
We saw how the Lord knew this was going to happen and had it all worked out for us before we even knew there needed to be a change.
It gave us even more peace that He was watching over her, He was going with Her, and that she would be safe.

To be continued.......

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A tale of two birthdays

Once upon a time........

Two brothers celebrated the completion of yet another voyage around the sun.
The oldest brother was celebrating his 13th trip.

 He was not a very materialistic chap, and could only think of one thing that he reeeeeeally
wanted for this momentous birthday.

The other brother was celebrating his 9th trip around the sun.
By the time his birthday rolled around in late May,
the rain had been coming,
in record amounts.

This guy didn't have a lot of requests either, but he DID ask specifically for a special lunch.
We ran through raindrops.

These were the last two birthdays of our family's spring "birthday season,"
and though we couldn't go swimming in May on Garrett's birthday as in other years
because of the massive rain and flooding all month, we were excited for the things
to come for these boys in the upcoming summer!!!!