Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Resurrection Sunday 2016

My goodness, these last couple weeks have been a blur!
Just after my last post, I came down with strep throat which knocked me down 
for several days.
I had only a few days to recover from that before my husband and I
left for our very favorite Couples Retreat (which is for another post!)

Last week our family had spring break from our homeschooling
and we were very busy with some other activities (for another post as well!)
Most of our time was spent preparing for my favorite "Holy Day" of the year....
Resurrection Sunday!!!

In previous years, when my children were smaller and we were home the
majority of the time, I spent lots of time with them doing crafts
and activities with a spiritual message to them.
Easter can easily be confused with bunnies, chocolate, and egg hunts,
but it is so much richer and special than that!!
It is the most important event for believers because it gives validity to our
faith in Jesus Christ!!

To see some of the things we have done in past years to prepare
our hearts for rejoicing and celebrating the resurrection of Christ, 
click here.

This year, the week and days before Sunday were just so busy
as I was directing our church's Easter drama and last minute details
and rehearsals just swallowed up my time.
So I fell back on store-bought items for our Easter breakfast table!!

My bigger girls basically shopped for something fresh and new
for themselves for Sunday morning worship, and I shopped my house for
the younger girls!!  
I love hand-me-downs!!

My husband had spent the last month-and-a-half growing out his hair and beard
for his part in our Easter drama at church that evening!

We couldn't have asked for a more glorious day and had such fun celebrating
our Risen Savior together!!!!

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Donna said...

I love all the photos. Everyone looks lovely. Well, and handsome.:)