Monday, July 16, 2018

Mission Trip ~ New York City 2018 {Part 4}: Beautiful New York

Come take a virtual tour with me?

See the Empire State Building off in the hazy distance?

 Inside the old chapel of the All Nations Baptist Church in Queens.

Some of the best Italian Ice in New York City!!
Read about it here.

Neighborhood bocce game.
Learn how to play here.

This lovely 4-story cottage with detached garage in a quaint neighborhood
will run you about $700,000-$800,000.

Amazing Nepali and Tibetan food!

Indian sweet shop 

See the little brown pillar right in the center of the above picture?

This is the 9/11 Tear Drop Memorial from RUSSIA!!!
Why on earth it's in a location that is nearly impossible to get to is beyond
my scope of understanding!

Read more about this amazing gift here.

Federal Hall and the site of George Washington's Inauguration
Read about it here.

9/11 Memorial site

This was the first year I noticed this damaged sphere!!
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Read about the church pictured above here.

Little Italy

Times Square area in Manhattan

We got caught in a deluge of rain on our sightseeing day!!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Mission Trip ~ New York City 2018 {Part 3}: Evangelistic ministries

On Saturday morning, at the end of a full week of training sessions
and team bonding at teen camp in Louisiana,
we packed up before dawn and traveled back to Dallas
to catch our flight to LaGuardia Airport in New York City.
Our leadership team really encouraged us to keep our focus
on those we came into contact with even on our flight.
We might be seated next to someone who needs Jesus.
You never know who might need encouragement from the Lord
and you might very well be the messenger God has ordained that day
to carry that message.

Southwest Airlines does not assign seats so you basically have
to take whatever is available when you board the plane
and most often it is not going to be with the person you traveled with.
But here was an opportunity to engage those you're seated with
and look for ways to share the Lord.
I plopped next to this delightful couple and found they were
actually traveling with a group from Park Cities Baptist Church for 
a fun week of touring New York City and other places in the East.
They were so supportive of what our group was doing!

In the row across the aisle and up from me, Grant sat down next to this couple.
As I was chatting away with my new friends, I soon realized he was in a 
deep discussion with these two folks traveling together.
He was able to start talking to them about the Lord,
and using some gospel material we had had training with,
Grant was able to lead these two to Jesus.
They prayed with him right there on that plane to receive Jesus as their Savior.
Praise the LORD!!!
What a kick start that was for the rest of our group right at the start of our ministry!!

We hit the ground running in New York City on Saturday evening,
and after a delicious Peruvian meal and a good night's sleep,
we were up and going Sunday morning.
Our very first moments of ministry was chatting up some folks on
the subway ride to morning church services, 
and a few moments to express our appreciation to the local police
and to give them a Gospel tract designed especially to reach law enforcement.
Because my husband is a police officer, it was my personal
mission to reach out to as many officers as I could find.
I believe I found just around a dozen men and women in uniform
to talk to, encourage, and share a tract with.

On Monday, we started our street ministries in earnest.
Every morning that week, we began with training from local pastors
and missionaries who are on the ground locally everyday
reaching the lost with the Gospel of Christ.
It was fascinating learning about the wide variety of strategies
used in that monster city to reach the different people groups.
On this day, my group worked in a Jewish community
handing out Bibles and tracts in many different languages
and telling people about Jesus and His love for them!
The local Pastor was with us and we pointed many people
to his church and upcoming VBS for children!
After dinner, we all worked an open-air children's gathering
in a local park and it was incredible to watch
our teenagers put all their training to use
and to lead 4 children to the saving knowledge of Jesus!!

On Tuesday, my group worked a bus stop ministry passing
out tracts and engaging folks with the freedom from sin found
only in Jesus.
I did not get any pictures of that, but two of our teen boys
each led a young person to salvation which was such a high point for them.
The local evangelist shared object lessons with those waiting for their bus,
and many heard the gospel.
Many walked away though.
Many ignored us.
I talked with a man who was a lonely Vietnam vet suffering
from depression and loneliness.
He told me he didn't know God,
but after sharing a tract with him and going through some
scriptures with him, he told me that he was going to find
the church we were working with and go to find more answers.

On our last day of formal street ministry,
we heard from the pastor of Iglesia Bautista de la Fe
in the Spanish community of Corona.
My group went out with him after lunch to hand out tracts
and information about their upcoming VBS
that usually reaches 100+ children.
We even met a family walking by the church who now regularly attend
church there because their children attended VBS last year!!
Our teenagers were machines at handing out as much material
as we could get in their hands!!
What a powerful time these few days were for all of us on this team!!

It was incredible to watch the Lord use our most unsure of themselves, our most
anxious to lead strangers to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!!