Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Teen Camp 2018

"Mom, I want to go."

You cannot imagine the explosion that happened in my brain
when my new 12-year old told us this.

At the turn of the year, he heard our church youth group was going
to charter a commercial bus and drive 19+ hours
to The Wilds of North Carolina for teen camp this year,
and he determined in his mind that he was going because this
was the very first year he was eligible to go.

It did not matter to him that he is notorious for getting car sick
at least ONCE on long trips.
As long as he could take a bag with snacks and there were going to be
movies played on the trip.....he was IN!!

It did not matter to him that he is insanely allergic to poison ivy
and the last time he went to camp was pretty traumatized
when he came down with a mild case of it.
We would be sure to pack his prescription medication for it this time.

It did not matter to him that the price tag for a trip like this
was breathtakingly high, 
he was going to work for every penny of it.
The whole, entire spring and early summer this guy worked his tail
off mowing lawns, digging up rocks out of the neighbors yard,
washing cars, doing extra chores at home to earn all the money for the trip
plus a lot of spending money.

He marked off the dates on our kitchen calendar so we wouldn't forget.
He reminded me to start packing a full-week before the trip.
He even found his poison-ivy cream for me.

Even though this expensive bus did suffer a blow-out a couple hours from home
that delayed them for four hours, 
and even though he did indeed throw up all over himself
on the long ride home.....he had a blast!!

It was a process that no one in our family is likely to forget for a long time!!
Way to go, Garrett!!!!


Monday, July 16, 2018

Mission Trip ~ New York City 2018 {Part 4}: Beautiful New York

Come take a virtual tour with me?

See the Empire State Building off in the hazy distance?

 Inside the old chapel of the All Nations Baptist Church in Queens.

Some of the best Italian Ice in New York City!!
Read about it here.

Neighborhood bocce game.
Learn how to play here.

This lovely 4-story cottage with detached garage in a quaint neighborhood
will run you about $700,000-$800,000.

Amazing Nepali and Tibetan food!

Indian sweet shop 

See the little brown pillar right in the center of the above picture?

This is the 9/11 Tear Drop Memorial from RUSSIA!!!
Why on earth it's in a location that is nearly impossible to get to is beyond
my scope of understanding!

Read more about this amazing gift here.

Federal Hall and the site of George Washington's Inauguration
Read about it here.

9/11 Memorial site

This was the first year I noticed this damaged sphere!!
Read about it here.

Read about the church pictured above here.

Little Italy

Times Square area in Manhattan

We got caught in a deluge of rain on our sightseeing day!!