Friday, February 8, 2019

Where have we been? In Bethlehem Inn {Part 1}

Whew!!!  What a whirlwind December was!!
So much so that it nearly knocked the wind out of my sails,
and rendered me in need of a sabbatical for a few weeks!!
I had writer's block.
It always seems to happen that way.

And here we are.
Already half-way through February!!!
We've been enjoying the less hurried pace of these deep winter months
early in the new year, and I'm finding my voice again.

In December, our family was consumed with the Christmas production at our church.
It was the very first year we did anything like this and it was amazing!!
I had the privilege of directing this and it was a 12-month labor of love!
When we walked in the doors of our church back in May of 2007, I felt immediately
that this was a place that had the potential of doing amazing things to tell the story
of Jesus's love for us through drama.
But I never envisioned that it would be another 11 years for us
to be ready for something of this magnitude.
Through a friend at a former church in Michigan, I heard about this amazing story.
When I first presented the idea to our Music Minister several years ago,
we had to shelf it because of some administrative transitions happening.
We finally received the all-clear in the middle of 2017, and my kitchen lady and I were sent
to Michigan that December to view it first hand and bring it back to our church in Texas.
What a glorious blessing it was to watch so many of our people work so joyfully
together, to use their talents and skills to create beautiful crafts and art work and all the costumes,
and to meet so many new people in our community eager to be a part of this.
So many of our people didn't know a lot of the new members and many new
friendships were forged as they collaborated together.
But most importantly was the incredible spirit of unity
as we worked together to tell the story of Jesus and how He came to us in our mess
to ultimately die to pay the price for our sins.
So much joy!!!