Wednesday, December 6, 2017


We are a part of a wonderful group of believers at our church
and this year our Sunday School class got together
to celebrate the season on the first weekend of December.

We've found that waiting too far into the month limits those who 
can join us because of other obligations and events 
they are committed to.
Our two oldest girls were working, but the rest of us
had a marvelous time with people who are so dear to us!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Bethlehem Revisited 2017

Our favorite annual tradition.
My husband couldn't go with us this year because he was
working our little town's annual Christmas parade.
This year's festivities require choices and planning.
Lots of things are overlapping.

So those of my children who were interested this year went with me!
We had some friends tag along with us and we had the best time!


Monday, November 27, 2017

Thankful for so much: Thanksgiving Recap

Gone are the days of scanning piles of new recipes to try for the holidays.
My kids aren't huge fans of traditional American Thanksgiving food.
Years and years of trying something new has only produced
more food that ultimately gets dumped in the trash.
No one wants to eat leftovers for days and days anyway.
Even if the leftovers have been upcycled into something new.

This year, I decided to simplify everything.
No panic.
No stress.
No expectations.
No disappointments.

I spent roughly $15 on a bouquet of fresh flowers to split up
and add some simple nature to our table.
I pulled out my Grandmother's Blue Willow serving dishes
and what fun to enjoy those at no cost!!

No worries that the glasses had a winter theme on Thanksgiving Day.
I'm not sure a single person at our table even noticed!
They were much more concerned about what was IN the drinking glass.

No more spending hours in the kitchen in preparation for a lunch feast that
is gobbled up in 15 minutes.
I spent just a few minutes dropping our fully-cooked,
 spiral sliced ham into a crock-pot,
as well as Cranberry BBQ meatballs, 
and Cinnamon Sugar Butternut Squash.
No stuffing.
No green bean casserole.
No turkey.
Abby and I made 10 pounds of mashed potatoes the day before
 and simply reheated.
Roasted asparagus was tossed under the broiler just as we were sitting down,
and I didn't even warm up the store bought potato rolls
 purchased at the grocery store.
Everything went so fast as we were gathering around that I didn't even manage
the traditional table photo of the whole family!
We had a friend who just moved into her home the previous day
 join us for our lunch,
and what fun to have a guest this year!!

Everything was gobbled up in moments and the table cleared for dessert!
Our non-traditional, family favorite, Chocolate Eclair Cake,
 had been assembled the day before
 and hailed with joy and happiness!!
In a flash, it was over.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Thanksgiving Inspiration: Homeschool Thanksgiving Luncheon 2017

We have so MUCH to be thankful for.

Isn't that true of every one of us?
Especially those of us who won the lottery and took our first breath
in this first world country we call The United States of America?
Where we are free to pick our own employment and house and color of carpet?
Where we have laws in place that protect us as we travel
 the systems of transportation already in place for us?
Where we can choose our house of worship and expect
to not be persecuted because of it?

Where we can walk or drive to several options of marketplaces
for food to celebrate with our friends and families this
great holiday of Thanksgiving?

Which should be a lifestyle and not simply a one-time holiday?


Even when we feel our resources are stretched thin.
We simply have to look around us to see how very much we have.
When we open our tight fists and give God our hands and lives,
we realize how He "daily loads us with benefits."
So much so that our hearts begin to overflow with gratitude 
and we realize our abundance!!
Enough to share....enough to give!

"As we have therefore opportunity,
let us do good unto all men,
especially unto them who are of the household of faith."
Galatians 6:10