Friday, March 23, 2018

Documenting this one life: Family Pictures

What do you do when it's spring break and every fun
place in the metroplex is jam-packed full of other families on spring break?

You get some family pictures taken.
Because all the children are turning a year older
in the next 3 months, the oldest is graduating
with her associates degree from community college,
and the second daughter is graduating from high school.

New life is bursting out all over the trees,
and fresh grace is raining down on us
and we have just this one life
and these fleeting moments to capture it all!!


Photography by!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Celebrating 14

On the last day of spring break, we celebrated our only
brown-eyed girl's birthday.
She turned 14.
Mic drop.

How did THAT happen?

This girl is such a pleaser and insisted that she didn't want to
do anything big for her birthday this year.
We batted around ideas that would include her friends,
but because it's still spring break we couldn't think of anything
that wouldn't already be super crowded.
Because of the sleep needs of a shift working police-officer Dad,
and that her Mom had an early morning meeting the next day,
a sleepover at home was ruled out too.

So we settled for some special treats, shopping,
and a big family dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.
This girl is beloved by all,
and we so appreciate her peaceable spirit
and her eagerness to be a helper to anyone who needs it!!

Happy 14th Birthday, Abby!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Spring Break

Spring break is just so much better when shared with family and friends! 
The end.