Monday, March 5, 2012

Re-instituting Monday Funday!!!

The weather here in central/north Texas has been just lovely recently.
Today was no exception.
75 warm degrees.
Birds are singing and skipping around.
We've seen red-breasted robins, cardinals, and even some green darling parakeets!!
During the months of January and February we've taken a bit of a hiatus from our traditional "Monday Funday" routine.
We all just feel so sluggish those months and are pretty happy staying in, taking it easy after a busy weekend, and just sipping hot chocolate.
But now that we're into March, we've gotten a little spring fever and are so enjoying the blooms on the trees and the warm temperatures.
It's time to get back outside together!!
I didn't plan in advance for this, so it was a fun, impromptu, spontaneous afternoon at the Dallas Zoo!!
Today we added a twist by using the "complimentary tickets" you receive with your zoo membership for a ride on the monorail.
We've never ridden that before and the children were just delighted!!

Waiting for the ride to begin

 The view from the ride
{Can you see the skyline of downtown Dallas off in the distance?}

Grant was quietly freaked out the entire ride that it was going to fall off the tracks.
We were about half way through the ride when I noticed this......
and yes, he was praying....really.

The minute we walked into the "bird house" exhibit the children were swarmed with cockatiels.

Obviously, they were all delighted....

 ....except for Aryn.

Super fun day together!!

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