Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday's Fabulous Family Recipe: "Bird Nests"

Okay, so this instantly became my new FAVORITE edible spring craft last year!!
I saw the recipe for this cutie little child-friendly treat in the April-May 2011 edition of Taste of Home magazine, and knew right away that we needed to add this to our repertoire of fun things to do to celebrate the spring season!!  

This year, I'd like to really concentrate on separating out the celebrating and enjoying the "Season of Spring" from Resurrection Sunday.
As I'm getting older, I'm learning to appreciate at an even deeper level the ultimate gift of God that is salvation from the penalty of our sin and the corruption it infects us with which results in permanent separation from our Holy Elohim.
At Easter, which I'm preferring to call Resurrection Sunday, we celebrate and rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave in which he was buried three days after His crucifixion for our sin.
If He hadn't risen, then all He had promised would be a lie.  Everything He said He was and His purpose for coming to this earth would have become void.
It has become much more sacred, much more of a lavish demonstration of God's grace and love to us, that I'm becoming more inclined not to confuse it with chocolate bunnies and jelly beans.  
Certainly not with colored eggs!
I'm leaning more towards keeping that Sunday a precious day, full of joy and awe at the wonder of His power.

But I still think it's so much fun to celebrate the turning of the season from winter to spring, and enjoying the gorgeous pictures of this new life found in Christ (life from out of the grave of our sin!!)!
So I'm collecting ideas for  a "Spring Fling" to have with our children either before or maybe even after we remember Resurrection Sunday!!
This idea is on the top of the list!!

Bird Nests

Here is what you'll need:

2 packages of white baking chips (10 oz. each)
10 oz. package of pretzel sticks
25 Peep candy birds
Candy eggs (can be the malted chocolate eggs, jelly beans, etc.)

Melt 2 packages of white baking chips.
(I only used one because I didn't need that many nests!!)

Stir the package of pretzel sticks into chocolate until well coated.

Scoop 25 nests onto waxed paper (or tin foil, if you're me!!);
use two forks to arrange coated pretzels into a circle.
Dip a peep candy into some of the melted white chocolate and place onto each nest.
Arrange the candy eggs onto the nest while the chocolate is still warm
so they will stick to the nest.
Makes 25 if you follow the recipe and use all the white chocolate 
and the entire bag of pretzels.
(We only did about half the recipe and still had enough to share with our neighbors!!)


You can see this idea also at Taste of Home,
as well as at Mommy's Kitchen!!
(You can click on those names to reach their website!)

(edited repost from the archives)

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