Saturday, January 1, 2011

"Where there is no vision.....

.......the people perish."
~ Proverbs 29:18

I like to insert the word {family} in place of people sometimes.
"Where there is no vision, the {family) perishes."
I'm not trying to change the Word of God, but trying to apply it right where I am.

These last few days I've been trying to wrap my mind around beginning a brand new year.

"Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it."
~ Anne Shurley (of Green Gables) 

And for that I am truly thankful.
One of the many graces of God.

This last year has seen tremendous victories in our family.
From my reaching my goal of 45 pounds of weight the tremendous way our son
has blossomed through his struggles with his ADHD.

But of course, there is still room for growth.
Our children have many hurdles to overcome.
We've struggled in the last several months to keep Ashlyn's blood sugar under control.
Her BG numbers have been sky high, and we face the giants of complacency
and the hormonal changes of puberty before we can claim victory in this struggle.

Although by God's grace alone,  we are winning the war over a lifestyle of debt and greed,
we still struggle in daily decisions over our finances and how best to handle what money
the Lord HAS entrusted us.
We want to give more.
We know we can do better and are thinking about how to best accomplish this.

We are praying for more space this year.
Many days, I feel strangled by trying to do multiple tasks in one space.

My hair is falling out.
Yes, you read that right.
Maybe "thinning" is the more accurate word to use here, but I need to resolve that.
It's starting to bother me.

We need to get a better handle on how much media flows through our house on any given day.
It's also becoming a giant that needs to be addressed.

Spiritually, I need more of God.
I learned that more deeply than ever this last year.
I learned that a quick 15 minute read-through a "Proverb-a-Day" is NOT enough.
20 minutes is not enough.
30 minutes is not enough.
I discovered it takes me nearly 30 minutes just to warm up and keep my mind focused on what I'm reading.
I need at least one full hour of time to read God's Word, think about how that nourishes my heart and mind,
to ponder how it applies to right where I am.
I'm not even sure that's enough time.
I discovered that I do indeed have that time in my daily routine very early in the morning.
Before the children are even gaining consciousness.
When the house is still, and quiet, and dark.
I learned that His burden is indeed light;
His yoke really and truly is easy!

This coming year, I want to have a vision of things we can accomplish in our family this year...
physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially.

My husband and I have been hammering a new budget we are committed to following!
I highly recommend the resources found at Crown Financial Ministries.
In fact, they have a FREE resource kit available right now for you to download and get started with.
 I encourage you to check it out, and use it.
Follow it!
Their "mvelopes" program has been invaluable to us, and I highly recommend that also.

I want to stay on track and maintain the weight I lost last year,
and keep working towards healthy habits!
Check out "Calorie King" or "My Fitness Pal."

Spiritually, I want to keep up those early mornings with hot coffee and the Word of God.
I also want to finish off memorizing the book of Philippians.
I've gotten sidetracked by life again.

I want to be more deliberate about teaching my children spiritual patterns and habits.
My oldest daughter is 13 now.
That means I may potentially only have about 5 more years of close discipleship with her.
That's not much time, and so many things I want her to own for herself.

In thinking about being more purposeful, more deliberate in my life, I came upon this:
Giving this year a name.
Read more about that here and here.

"The Year of......"

I'm praying about this.
About clarity, and having a deliberate purpose for my life this year.
What I want to accomplish so that my life is a fragrance, like incense, an act of worship for the Lord.

"Feel within deep latent urges to get things done,
to be rising above this slough of unconscious mediocrity that seems to characterize my days.
Father, if these strong currents be flesh driven,
I pray thee staunch and slay them,
but if sublimated, channeled into courses which will do Thy service,
then intensify them,
mobilize them,
give them direction, 
for I long--Thou knowest how earnestly--
that the bride of Thine own dear Son be made perfect and entire in my day.
Yea, Lord, if it cost me my bride in this life,
let me have They grace and power to bring to the Lamb the reward of His sufferings."

~~ 21 year old Jim Elliot
December 22, 1948
7 years before his slaughter on the mission field at the hand of the savages he committed to sharing the gospel with

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Laura said...

Your life and example are so convicting to me. I think we are similar ages (I'm 39); but, I feel like you are far ahead of me in so many areas. Thanks for the encouragement. Now to do something about it. That's the challenging part!