Saturday, January 8, 2011

"The MONSTER of 2011"

That's what I'm calling it.
This stomach virus that crept into our home unawares on the very 2nd day of this new decade.
This horrible thing that has wreaked havoc on our bodies and minds.
It began it's strangle hold on Ashlyn and I.
About 2 hours apart nearly smack in the middle of the night.
Why does that happen?
Why can't the misery begin during the day when others are up, and you have others around to keep you company, or to check on you, or the noises of the house to distract you from the pain and to entertain you?
Why, oh why, in the night does the child come running to you from their bed, past the bathroom (mind you), to jolt you from your sound sleep to alert you to the fact that they are going to throw up.....which upon this said announcement....they promptly do.
On your carpet.
Splashing the side of your bed?
Why, in the 21st century, when scientists have enough information and knowledge available to them to sustain human life ON THE there not one doctor who can explain to me why this phenomenon occurs???
And why can't they explain to you how to prevent it from spreading to every. single. member. of the family.
Washing hands does not work.
Washing every piece of fabric in boiling water does not work.
Cleaning every. single. surface that the sick ones have touched, licked, drank out of, peed on, thrown up on, slept on, walked on, or breathed on with disinfecting wipes and lysol spray does not work.
Quarantining the ill ones to one room in the house does not work.
Sanitizing all the tooth brushes does not work.
Come ON!
What's the big mystery here PEOPLE???
It's enough to send me racing to the brink of insanity.
And just when the first group is feeling better, getting back into the swing of things, and you've got the floors bleached and all the linens washed, folded, and put away.....
the next group starts bedtime, of course.

Out of the 8 of us, 5 have surrendered to its tortures.
All girls.
The boys have stood strong.
My husband was on the cusp of being broken by it's grip.
The evening following the attack on Ashlyn and I, he started feeling nauseous and had the cold sweats.
But fortunately for all of us, he held strong and didn't give in.
Last night, it turned it's cold fingers to our oldest son.
He did throw up once and has been slightly feverish and achy today, but that's it.
The only one who has gone completely unphased and has enjoyed the unusual routines of the last week is our youngest son.
We'll see.
I have no idea if we'll make it to church on Sunday.
This monster strikes unexpectedly.
Your stomach starts hurting just all-of-a-sudden.
You throw up once and feel better.
You can walk around and have conversation and feel like your out of the woods.
But as time goes on....the pain and nausea intensifies.
It peaks and comes to a head after about 12 hours wherewith you finally can collapse into sleep.
My youngest son wouldn't do well by that.
He can't even wake up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, much less be aware that he needs to get to the toilet to throw up!!
So I would have to have him on a sheet on the floor next to me all night long.
I would have to be able to hear him getting sick in time to roll him over to a pan or something before it goes all over him and the floor!!
It's exhausting.
I have been an emotional wreck all week.
I hate to hear my girls crying for me to make it stop.
Begging me for some medicine to make it better......or to make them throw up.
Listening to them gasping for air.
Ashlyn has had the hardest time with her Diabetes.
But that is for another post.
When I'm not so tired.
When I can see the humor in it all.
Right now, I'm just pondering why on earth this week?
We have laid plans for this year.
Good plans.
We're excited about what lies ahead.
Just as we open the door and step into some new beginnings....
Right on our faces!!
So, now we feel a few steps behind.....and it's just the first week.


Laura said...

Brenda, in between being sick, you should have posted a quick, "We're sick. Pray for us!" post. When I read your post this morning, I prayed for you and your family. You had wonderful plans to start the new year; but, Someone wiser than us had other plans for your family. He can use this to bring good. I'll be praying for you. Try to get some rest. And don't go to church if you think someone might be still contagious! You don't want to spread this! Hang in there! This too shall pass. : )

Nicole said...

I feel for you and I truly understand your pain. 7 out of the 8 of us got the flu one week before Christmas. One week before 3 family Christmas parties I was having at my home. I thought that I was going to go insane. My husband was the only one that made it without throwing up.

I hope that everyone is feeling better and that is the end of sickness for 2011 for your family!!