Thursday, January 20, 2011

The first birthday of the season

It's here.
Just as I get the last box of Christmas stuff packed shut and stuffed up into the attic.
Birthday season has officially begun!

From now until May 23, we will be celebrating 5 children's birthdays, the Mommy and Daddy's birthday, as well as the Mommy and Daddy's anniversary.
Not to mention a couple of Grandparents and the only Aunt will be celebrating their birthday within that time frame as well.
We have at least one birthday every month until that date in May, with the heaviest grouping of them being in April when we will have a daughter's birthday, the Daddy's birthday, and the Mommy and Daddy's anniversary all in one WEEK!!

And the first birthday of the year in our immediate household goes to......

The baby of the family turned 3 years old yesterday.
In some ways, it's hard to believe that it has been three years since she was born,
but so much has happened in our lives since that time that it's hard to believe that
it has only been THREE years??
What a treasure she is.
So full of fun and sweetness...even with those occasional rotten spots!!

 We always start out the birthday celebration with "breakfast in bed"
complete with a donut for every year old they are now,
and the first present of the day.

 We decided to do the rest of our birthday celebrating at lunch today
especially so Daddy could participate with us on his lunch break from work.
The girls and I baked and decorated her cake,
and though we certainly would not have taken any awards for precision or beauty,
we so enjoyed working on it together.
Our nickname for her is "bear-bear" because of her little satin blanket with the bear's head attached that she so loved when she was even smaller.
Hence, the bears on the cake.

We all went out for a walk after lunch because we had such beautiful weather,
and I knew she would love to walk her "baby" in her new stroller. 

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