Thursday, September 2, 2010

New beginnings

We've been so busy the last few days so I haven't really had the time to sit still and post a lot here.
We started school this past Tuesday, and because I'm DETERMINED to make it even better than last year, my mind has been FULL of ideas and plans.  I am putting together a little series of posts about our schooling for this year, so please check back in the next day or so.  
One of the most challenging aspects of homeschooling 4 children with 2 young curious pre-schoolers coming up behind is accepting that I have to sacrifice some of the things I really love to do with my time and that these things aren't top priorities when looking at the big picture.  I have learned how to carve out just some quiet-alone time for myself, but even then I have to use that time wisely and that often means no time for blogging or snooping around on Facebook.  The most challenging part is making the decisions:  do I satisfy my own desires for some down time and later pay the price by having a lot of messes to clean up, or do I create ways to keep my children happily occupied and learning instead of squabbling and destroying our learning spaces?  Do I read my squirmy children some lovely children's literature, or do I read my own books?  Do I answer an email and eventually get sucked into internet surfing or do I take my children on a nature walk?  Do I  
text message my friend or do I fold the clothes stacked up on my bed?  
Those choices have to be made over and over every single day.  It can wear you down or force you to figure out how to be creative and innovative when living in a small, cramped house with lots of children!!
So stay tuned to see what we've been learning and what we've been creating!!  Here's just a sneak peek at our first day of school:

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Tori said...

Great post. Let me know what you come up with as I have the same problem, except on a not so large scale (since I only have one child). Sometimes I feel like I have 70 (the youth group) and with all the church activities and services and RU ministry, I can get a little overwhelmed with "Laundry or shower???"