Thursday, September 23, 2010

Back-to-school: Time for our husbands!!

This is completely off of the subject of homeschooling.

Well, not really.
It's a bit of a spin-off because yet another challenge of homeschooling is making the time for our husbands in the midst of the pile of things we have to manage everyday.
See, I can pour myself into designing the best schedule and meal plans for our day,
yet I forget about time with my husband.
I have learned that it's frighteningly easy to get caught up in the loudest "squeak",
those things that demand my attention because they are obvious, helpless, and needy.
By the end of the day, after I've run around squirting oil on all the squeaky spots,
I'm exhausted.  
Ready for bed.
But what about the most important relationship on earth that I have?
What about the person who I chose to live the rest of my life with and has given me
the children I always wanted?
Is there any time left for my husband?

It's hard to pace myself.
It's hard to admit that I MUST put my relationship with my husband on the TOP of the priority list
rather than on the back burner.
If I don't consciously MAKE the time, it will not happen!!
When all the work I'm doing today is done,
when my children are out and on their own,
it will be just he and I together in the house.
What will we have to talk about then?
Will there be anything that we like to do together because we've maintained that in our childrearing years?

Recently, I came across a couple pieces written by a precious lady from our former church.
Both pieces are thought-provoking twists on Scriptures written to challenge women 
(though they apply to both men and women).
They have been inspiring me to watch my attitudes and check my priorities.

I Corinthians 13:
Through the Mind of a Housewife
by Mary DeVore

If I decorate my house with coordinated drapes, furniture, and wallpaper,
but do not show love to my husband,
I am just a decorator.....

If I slave away in the kitchen baking beautiful cakes and gourmet meals 
and arrange an elegant table 
and do not show love to my husband,
I am just a cook......

If I work at a soup kitchen, 
and visit nursing homes,
and give all I have to a charity,
and do not show love to my husband,
it profits me nothing.....

Love doesn't envy another's home that has more than we can afford.
Love shows respect to my husband.
Love helps me to be the heart of my home.
Love bears all things, 
believes all things,
hopes all things,
endures all things.

Love never fails.
Cars will get old,
furniture will wear out,
and houses will become run down.
But showing love to my husband endures forever.

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Tori said...

Beautiful, thanks :) I needed to hear this. I'm sure alot of other women do too, wish they could.