Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back to school: 5 days of quick, healthy breakfasts

One thing that has taken me several years to figure out is that when homeschooling,
you absolutely cannot wait until the moment a meal needs to be prepared to figure out what you're preparing.
I have learned that making a meal schedule (a minimum of a week's worth of meals, preferably a month's)
is an invaluable tool to keeping things less stressed and chaotic.
Nothing is worse than having 5 or more children whining they're hungry,
scavenging through the refrigerator,
a husband about to walk through the door after a long day's work,
and you're out of certain ingredients and having nothing quick in the freezer to grab and heat up.

So I have figured out what my children will actually put in their mouths that is good for them,
and come up with 7 breakfasts that we rotate through the week.
Some days we have a repeat of something earlier in the week.
Usually on Saturday morning, I'm frying up my pancakes for that day and putting a couple dozen more in the freezer for later in the week.
The same with muffins for Sunday morning.
Making extras of something and stashing it in the freezer for later has become one of my secret weapons
(although I know TONS of Mom's who already do it's technically NOT a secret)!!
If you click on the particular breakfast item that is underlined, it will take you to the recipe that I use.
I've mentioned before how I've spent a lot of time overhauling the foods we eat,
so I'm trying to find more ways to add more protein at every breakfast,
less sugar (especially high fructose corn syrup), 
and eventually even less gluten (more on that later!!).

Here's what I've come up with that works nicely for our family:

Monday:  Scrambled Eggs with Toast.
                Sunshine Smoothie
(skim milk, frozen strawberries and/or banana, ground flax, honey all processed in the blender)

Thursday:  Cereal and Milk (Honey-Nut Cheerios at our house)

Friday:  Oatmeal

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