Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Fundays!!!

Last Monday we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and our gifted zoo membership and took the children to see the new addition at our local zoo.  Then we used one of the last remaining prizes from the summer library reading program (a free kids meal for each child!!) and went for lunch at Applebees!!!  
Total cost for the entire trip: $21 (lunch for both Mom and Dad and an appetizer to share!!) 
Take a peek!!

The Dallas Zoo recently finished this amazing addition!
If you are local, it's a must see!!

The children were so excited with how close you can get to the giraffes!!
Our zoo went from 2 giraffes to 10!!!

The only thing between me and these beauties was a thick 'ol piece of glass!!

In the "Children's Zoo" portion, the school age children took their nature journals we've been working on here at home and discussed them with the guides in the "trading post".  They received points for their work and then can "purchase" other nature related items (shells, rocks, bug collections, mineral samples, etc.) with those points.

Our little dolly tickling her toes in the stream!!

Yes.....don't worry!!!  We slathered everybody's hands with hand sanitizer before they started handling their french fries!!!

Such a fun day!!!

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