Friday, January 29, 2010

Update on INTUNIV....Day 2

So day 2 of this new medication for my son has been a bit different from the first day. The morning was so quiet for us because I had to WAKE HIM UP at 9:30 am. He usually is bounding out of bed between 7:30 and 8:00 am and starts irritating his siblings immediately.
He did get resistive about his schoolwork this morning and refused to do his English, and he did struggle with getting along well with the neighborhood children outside in the afternoon. In fact, he was so aggravated and upset when he came in for dinner that he shouted at me,
"See!!!!...this vitamin (which is how he refers to the medication) isn't working."

One thing I mentioned to the doctor on Monday was how both his sister and I have been diagnosed with under active thyroid issues since we last saw this doctor in August. We both are on Levothyroxine now because of this. I have read in a couple different places that thyroid issues can have ADHD as a symptom (in fact I've noticed some change in my diabetic daughter along these lines since having her thyroid issue). So I asked the doctor if he thought maybe we should have my son checked because we have such a strong family problem with it just to make sure he doesn't have an underlying thyroid issue as well. I haven't seen any other symptoms that would indicate that, but I would love to just make sure.
Also, the doctor ordered a routine EKG check on Grant since he is starting this new medication.This doctor's office has a policy that any child on any medication must have a routine EKG done when they start the medication. I'm assuming they do this so they have a base to go off of in case of any side effects down the line. As an added note, INTUNIV is really (long-acting) Tenex which was once used to treat high blood pressure. So, of course, a side effect of this medication could be a possible lowering of blood pressure. It has to be dosed up in increments until the body gets used to it and he has to be weaned off slowly if we decide it isn't working for him because of the blood pressure issues.

Today (Wednesday), my husband took Grant to have both the EKG done as well as the blood draw for the thyroid check. I told him to be prepared for Grant to resist and fight the blood draw.

He didn't.

He just sat there and watched the nurse slip the needle in, draw the blood, and take it out. No fighting, no resisting, no crying, no freaking out.

Major, major victory for Grant.

His dad was so impressed that instead of the measly McDonald's for lunch, he took him to Applebee's!!!

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