Monday, January 25, 2010

Gift idea for a two-year old girl.....

Occasionally people (usually ladies) will ask me for gift ideas for different ages of children. I guess I look like a good candidate for being aware of that kind of thing since we have a variety of ages in our home. I usually draw a blank right at the moment I'm asked about this, so I thought I'd share this with you before I forget about it.

I found this at Wal-Mart last weekend for our little new two-year old. I'm getting more and more choosy about the gifts we get for our children because we are running out of space in our house, and I don't want to keep up after a jillion different pieces of some toy. Our little Aryn LOVES baby dolls. She is beginning to look like Michelle Duggar with all the dolls in her crib. Because her 3 sisters all enjoyed babies too, we have several different accessories for dolls ranging from strollers, to back-packs, to clothes, highchairs, pillows and blankets.

Somehow, though, we missed the baby bed.

This little baby doll bed is PERFECT for a little girl! It's just the right size for her, doesn't have a million pieces, was easy for Mom to snap together, and is nice and sturdy. The parts fit together beautifully, and you can snap out the little legs to keep it still or snap the legs in to make it rock. I have been impressed with this little toy, and highly recommend it. The price: $15


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Amber said...

How Cute!!! Thanks for sharing that! I will keep that in mind for Sydney when she is older!!!!