Saturday, January 30, 2010

Update on INTUNIV....Day 3

So Day 3 was a little bit harder. What I mean by that is we saw a lot of what we're used to seeing in Grant before he started this medication. He was up at his normal time, fooling around and bothering people. He had a hard time controlling his temper and being respectful towards me.

On a positive note though, I can still tell that he calms down easier/softer than he was prior to INTUNIV, and I do have to mention that he did not get as much outside time today due to rainy/cold weather. Any child has a hard time under those circumstances.
I also noticed that I'm finding him sitting at the schoolroom table by himself playing with little nonsense toys fairly quietly more often than I've ever seen him. He seems to be calmer and able to sit there without being asked to for longer periods of time before he moves on to the next thing. He also sat with me in a quiet room in the evening after getting ready for bed and read an entire little reader book with very few helps from me. He was calm as he tried to figure out the words, and just politely asked me to help him with a few words instead of getting frustrated. It was so pleasant, and I could tell he was trying so hard. It was a lovely moment!!!
He is sleeping fine all night, though I still have been giving him his regular 1.5 mg. pill of melatonin before bed. (If you've never tried melatonin with your child, and he/she has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, you should try this. It's great for the sleep issues that come along with ADHD!!! I buy a bottle of 120 3mg. pills at Wal-Mart for $6. I cut it in half and give one-half to Grant and the other half to my oldest daughter who has inattentive-ADHD and the most sleeping issues, and they are asleep for the night within 20-30 minutes!!)

We are currently on just 1 mg. of the INTUNIV, and will continue to be until day 7. Then we will step up to 2 mg. and see if what benefits that offers us. I can tell you, I'm already looking forward to that.

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Swissmomof5 said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences. I understand how you feel! I think Brevan is also ADHD and we are wondering if going the route of medication is an option for us. He is too young just yet. His doc. said that he will evaluate him when he turns 6. Hang in there and trust that the Lord will lead you!