Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My new thing.....

So a couple weeks ago, I saw an endocrinologist.

See, for quite a while now I just haven't been feeling myself.
I don't know exactly who I was feeling like.....but it WASN'T me.

I can't even tell you when I first noticed this. It kinda snuck up on me.
I just know that 2009 was an excruciatingly stressful year for me (and our family.)
What with Ashlyn's diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes in February (to start our year off right),
to Lexi and Grant's diagnosis of ADHD in August and with my husband's crazy night shift work schedule. I just started feeling like I was loosing control of my household and that just put me
in emergency mode all the time. I started noticing that I was yelling and raging mad at SOMETHING every day (it seemed like). Then I would feel depressed about the future
of my family. I was constantly putting out fires and dodging shoes that were being thrown
by the children at each other.
Then there is my weight.
I feel like I'm two of me.
I'm not used to being this heavy.
But I haven't lost a single pound since Aryn was born two years ago.
Then there is this fog!!
I literally feel like I'm two steps behind everybody and that I can't remember anything...
Not just this silly, oh, I can't remember where I put my keys today.
I can't remember why I came in here.
But what was I doing before I came in here?
If I don't write it down on my calendar, I will NOT remember that I have an appointment.
I can't remember names of people, or things that I should know.
Just my head is in a cloud!!

So I started talking.
Talking to my friend who is handling some thyroid issues (thank you Amber!!!), talking to my mom who has been dealing with her thyroid since junior high school, talking to my sister who is also managing a thyroid thing.
I started reading.
Reading on the internet.
But what I was feeling didn't always line up with what I was hearing or reading.
So then while in casual conversation one day with my friend, I happened to try to feel my thyroid to see if I could tell whether or not it was enlarged.
Low and behold there is a knot on it.
I was thinking, "WHAT? You've GOT to be kidding?"
I had never noticed it before, you can't see it in the mirror, and it doesn't bother me to swallow.
I decided then and there to just go and get things checked out. If I was wrong, no big deal.
If there was something there, then let's get it fixed.

So I started by calling my OB/GYN (who I LOVE) and made an appointment for a general physical.
I told him about what had been going on this last year, and how I was feeling, and casually mentioned that I had found this small marble size knot on what I THOUGHT was my thyroid.
He felt it and agreed that it should NOT be there.
He sent me to have an ultrasound on my thyroid as well as having bloodwork done too.
When that all came back, he recommended that I see an endocrinologist.

So I went.
And he diagnosed me as having "Hypothyroidism" which is the big term for under active thyroid.
Which would also explain why all- of- a -sudden I couldn't get warm at night.
I was just thinking that I was most comfortable wearing sweats to bed with 3 blankets because it was 12 degrees overnight here recently.
Well, the temps have gone back up to a balmy 40 degrees and I'm still FREEZING at night.

So I'm taking 50 mg. of "levothyroxine" until my next blood draw in a couple months to check and see if this is a good dose for me or not.
I also go back next month for another ultrasound of my thyroid and that knot,
as well as a "fine needle aspiration" of the knot.
Think amniocentesis......of this knot.
It involves poking a needle into this thing and drawing out whatever is in it to check for cancer
and whatever else could be causing this.
Now, my doctor is not overly worried that this is what it is, but he's just checking to be sure.
I'm good with that......the needle....not so much.
He has reassured me though that this offending needle is VERY fine (like finer than my daughter's insulin syringes), so I'm actually not even freaking out about it.

Thankfully this is the all-American condition and is extremely common.
In fact, I bet you know of a lady who is or has had a problem with their thryoid and needs medication for it.
Hence, the medication is extremely cheap. (You might think that because of that the opposite would be true!!!)
Like $10 for a 90-day my Kroger pharmacy.
It's the same at Wal-Mart if I'm not mistaken.

I started feeling old when I left the parking lot of the endocrinologist.
A little scene from the movie "Pollyanna" went through my mind.
The one where Pollyanna visits that cranky lady who thinks she is dying (you'll remember that I will not be able to remember her name right now...),
and the lady says "I'm on death's doorstep. Just pills and bills!!"
That's me.
Staring at the big 4-0 in little more than a week here, and already popping pills
first thing in the morning.
But I hope it helps me remember things better,
and that I'll start to thaw out!!!

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Amy said...

Hey glad you got it figured out! My mom and cousin both have an underactive thyroid...both diagnosed as children and have been on meds since. Mom can't go with out her meds. And when Jada was diagnosed, the team of dr.'s working with us wasn't surprised that there were endocrine issues in the all works together somehow.

I hope you're feeling better already. You've got a lot on your plate! Take care!