Thursday, December 15, 2016

Textiles and Clothing Construction Class: Project #1 Jammie Pants

This fall I've had the charming privilege
of, once again, teaching Family and Consumer Science classes
to the high school girls at our homeschool program.
Last year I taught Beginning Foods and
Beginning Sewing and Crafts.
This year, the girls wanted to continue to learn
and expand on the skills we explored, so I'm teaching
Textiles and Clothing Construction this fall semester.
Next semester, we delve into Advanced Foods.

We spent the first few weeks of the new school year learning
about fabrics and textiles and how to care for synthetic and natural
fibers.  We also discussed how to choose fabrics that are the most
appropriate for the garment or project you are making.
In this class, we are constructing three garments from a pattern.
The first garment we made was pajama pants.
The girls did such a good job,
and they loved how this project turned out!

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