Friday, December 30, 2016

He Gave Everything 2016

Last December, I had lunch with our church's Music Minister to discuss
the dramas our church was going to present during the upcoming year.
We discussed the major holidays and we laid out some
general plans for Christmas 2016.
I handed him a script I had directed many years ago in a former church 
which had been warmly received
that I felt still had a very relevant message for today!!
He was very receptive to it, and in September we began casting and rehearsals.

Garrett had been begging me to not make him 
be a part of the junior choir anymore,
and I needed a young boy for our story, 
so he was happy for a way out of singing!!
Aryn got to sing in the children's choir during the performance,
and Ashlyn also worked all through the fall season on her part too!!
It was a collaborative labor of love for our family, 
and what a blessing it was to present!!!

He Gave Everything 2016


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