Friday, December 2, 2016

Fall ball 2016

This school year Ashlyn is a junior in high school
and Abby is in the 7th grade. 
They have so enjoyed the opportunity they've had this fall
to play volleyball.
Being a small homeschool program, 
they have to play literally the entire game of every game
on the schedule.
They have both improved so much this year,
and we've seen some concrete leadership growth in Ashlyn.
For this we are so very thankful.

Grant is in the 8th grade this year,
and Garrett is in the 5th grade.
Because there are so many young boys in our program,
the pastor of the church has a burden to see these boys
grow in wisdom and leadership as well.
He is developing a mentorship program for young men,
and part of this is building a basketball team.
This is the first year that both my boys have
had the opportunity to play basketball competitively,
and they are growing and learning
and enjoying the physical activity.

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