Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Family Service Project: Christmas 2016

One of the things I like to do over our Christmas break is to 
participate in a project as a family that gives and helps those
in our community who are less fortunate than most.
There really is no better way to teach your children to think
outside the little bubble of themselves
and to see that they really have so very much to be grateful for.
Children learn compassion when they see what it is.
When they are taught how to find those in need.
To look for those they can show their appreciation to as well.

I don't know why we've never gotten involved with this
community project before, but it's one we'll definitely do again!!

My children so enjoyed getting to wrap presents for children
who most likely would receive nothing for Christmas.
We wrapped all the gifts for a family who have NINE children with
another baby on the way!
Then, once that was done, we moved on to another family with FIVE children!

Later in the week, we were able to participate in delivering all these gifts, 
along with staple and pantry items, to many of these families!

For more ideas on service projects you can get involved
in as a family, click here.

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