Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Update on Intuniv and some new considerations...

Last Thursday I mentioned that we had been noticing some disposition changes in our son who has been taking Intuniv for his ADHD since January 2010. I did speak with the nurse on Friday afternoon, and she said she would ask the doctor about some of our concerns.

She called me back yesterday afternoon and had some questions from the doctor. He said that the Intuniv should not be changing his personality. He was wondering if he had been sick (no) or if things were changing at school (he is homeschooled and he has been done with his formal schoolwork for a couple weeks now). He thought it would be okay to try to ween him down to 2 mg. especially since it's almost summertime when schedules are more relaxed anyway.

But I shared with her about his meltdowns this last weekend (after some junk food which seemed to affect him adversely), and thought that I would rather keep him where he is at the 3 mg. for now. We have an appointment with the doctor on the 7th of June anyway, so I thought we could wait and discuss more of what has been going on when we see him then.

So, as we continue down this road of raising children with learning differences and ADHD, I'm realizing the truth in treating this difference has to be multi-faceted. There's no easy "fix", no magic red button you can push that will make everything disappear and go back to normal.
I truly believe that this issue takes a change of heart, a change of perspective, a change of expectations, a change in diet, a change in environment/routine, and for some the addition of professional advice. I'm beginning to think about that last element for our family.

We're progressively working on changing the foods we eat, we've changed up the lay-out
of our home for a better homeschooling experience, we've completely changed homeschool
curriculums, we've added melatonin at bedtime to facilitate better sleep, my husband and I are
working daily to better our parenting and discipline techniques, and we've seen doctors to help us see things that we weren't seeing. We are now using the medication, Intuniv, to also
unmask the great parts about our son that we have not been able to see in awhile.

But I think that with all this done since last August, we now could benefit from some skills training in living with and training the ADHD child. It's hard for siblings living with the irritations that constantly come with this. Disciplining or enforcing consequences is often so difficult and just plain hard work. We need to know techniques, new ideas, fresh voices. It's often just not as easy as giving a spanking. With a child who has anxiety issues and hyperactivity challenges, spanking usually makes things much, MUCH worse. So anyway, we're considering some counseling, not only for ourselves, but also for our son. I'm wondering if an outside voice could help him learn better how to cope with the things that so often frustrate him. I'm just thinking, and I'm talking to others who are in a similar situation.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda! We just started our son on Intunive tonight! I am terrified! I never wanted to put my child on any medication...never! I don't know what is going to happen to him. I love him and all his energy! I love his personality though sooo difficult to deal with most of the time. He is pretty frustrated and knows he is different from the other kids in the way he acts and learns. I haven't read all your entries but glad I found you and look forward to reading what you have learned. Thank you for your blog!
Hamilton Square, NJ

Brenda said...

So glad to be of help!!! Keep in touch!!! I would love to share experiences with you, and to hear how this medication improves your family dynamic!! Don't be afraid!!