Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ADHD and the need for vigorous exercise

I read this article recently and knew immediately that it was worth sharing. It makes so much sense!! This particular part of the article just leaped off the page at me:
Dr. Block, who works extensively with children with attention challenges, explains that exercise is key to solving attention and learning challenges in two ways: Physical activity burns sugar (which contributes to hyperactivity). It also builds connections between the right and left sides of the brain, a necessary step toward building a better learner. “I [commonly] hear parents say their child’s recess is taken away if he has misbehaved in class,” says Block. “But there is a direct relationship between physical activity and a child’s ability to focus.”

The first suspect, says Block, is an elevated sugar level. But, she warns, “Many parents have their children tested and find that the child’s blood [sugar] is normal.” This, she says, can be misleading because hyperactivity occurs when sugar levels are elevated (after eating, say, a sugary bowl of cereal). “The body naturally releases adrenaline to drop the blood sugar—this is why the kid can’t sit still,” Block says. Yet, if you test the blood an hour or so after this incident, the body has probably regulated the sugar levels back to normal (so a child’s test results will appear fine).

Do you know what else this says to me? That being on the path of eating better.....less sugar....less processed ingredients that spike the blood sugar (i.e. high fructose corn syrup) is exactly the place I need to be for my children with attention challenges!!!!

This also seems to say to me that it makes sense that some of the best interventions and treatments for ADHD children are living a healthy lifestyle......i.e. lots of exercise, lots of outdoor time, and more whole foods that were designed for our nutrition by our Great Creator!! Forget the packaged stuff that really isn't food, forget about the computer games and XBox that keep us indoors and sedentary, consider forgetting about traditional schooling methods that trap your child indoors when he is misbehaving!! Another great advantage of homeschooling!!
Let's get moving, people!!!

This article is really worth your time, and you can read it by clicking on this link below:

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