Thursday, May 20, 2010

Things are never as easy as you think....

So last week I raved about how some of the dietary changes we've made recently have made such HUUUUGE improvements in some issues we have been trying to eliminate in our children.
scratch that!!

No, not all together I guess.
I'm not THAT easily defeated.
I do completely recommend trying a healthier lifestyle in alleviating some ADHD issues that come along with the territory, but I'm becoming a little more guarded at how excited I get about it.

Ashlyn's blood sugar has been through the roof again this week. Last night after church there was this fellowship full of cookies and goodies of all shapes and sizes, and we hadn't brought her insulin pen with us. She had maybe one cookie and some other protein things. I hated to check her blood sugar when we got home, and sure enough.......
It wasn't all that much better this morning after 18 units of Lantus and the 5 units of Humalog to correct the high.
Still over 200.
I guess it's just life with a life-threatening disease.

Then there are my son's issues related to his ADHD.

Since this diet change, not only have we noticed that he is much, MUCH calmer, but he is much less happy too. Do you remember when Charlie Brown would walk around with the cloud above his head? That describes my son. Just not happy. Not ugly, and screaming, and ranting.....just not smiling, not wanting to go out and play unless he had a friend with him, grouchy.
So, I'm wondering if now we have him OVER medicated?
I'm wondering if we should bump him from 3 mg. of intuniv down to 2 mg.
I've put a call in to the doctor to get his opinion before I send off this 90-day supply
prescription for his next round of 3 mg.

This past Sunday, both my husband and I forgot to give him his dose of intuniv.
It happens.
Six kids.
Sunday morning.
All getting ready for Sunday morning church.
Insulin to figure out, thyroid medications, breakfast for everybody, 12 shoes, 6 heads of hair, etc.
First time we've ever missed.
We noticed no difference.
It was like he had taken his medication.

So I experimented on Monday to see if we saw a difference. I did not give him his pill on purpose this morning. I do not recommend missing for several days though because of the blood pressure issue associated with the intuniv medication.
He was OFF the CHARTS hyper.
Back to his obviously unmedicated self.
Running constantly through the house, jumping on people,
wrestling for hours, making noises all day.
But he was very happy....smiling and laughing all day.
He got his medication Tuesday morning.
On Wednesday evening he was SO sideways.....huge meltdown!!
Now it's Thursday and he's back to being calmer and easier to live with.
The jury is still out on his disposition.
We had a lot of junk food at that fellowship last night,
so I'm waiting a day or so to see how he is by the weekend.

Too be continued........

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