Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas gifts.....DONE!!!

It had taken us a little bit of time every day last week,
with a ruptured hot water heater emergency thrown in to boot, to finally reach the day before we needed to have everything
ready for the big giveaways!!

Here's how we packaged everything up:

We put our chocolate covered pretzels in these cute little cellophane bags.
Wilton does actually have bags specifically made for packing pretzels like this, but I thought these were much more festive.....and cost effective!!!

We formed this sort of assembly line, and I gave each of the children their gift bags to label and load up.

Each of their friends received a bag of chocolate covered pretzels, a jar of Christmas M & M's, and 2 Ritz Cracker Candies.
Oh, yes. We tossed in a Christmas pencil in each bag too!!

Very Yummy!!!
Very Fun!!!
But I'm so glad that it is DONE!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

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Mommom said...

What an amazing job you all did working together to get hundreds of gifts ready for others. I'm sure all those who received the gifts felt appreciated. Merry Christmas from Chattanooga.