Thursday, December 24, 2009

More fun homemade Christmas gift ideas

If you've never clicked on "The Executive Homemaker" icon over there in my right-hand sidebar, you really need to. This lady has put together some of the cutest and BEST ideas for managing your home and all the details of having little children in the house. I just loved her article with 24 different easy Christmas gift ideas for teachers, friends, etc. Here are just a couple samples:

2 liter of Sprite: “May your holiday be merry and “sprite!”

Whoppers: Hope you have a “WHOPPER” of a Christmas!

I really think you'll enjoy perusing through all the fun ideas and maybe glean something you can use for yourself sometime. You should also take a minute just to look through all the amazing things she has on her website anyway. Definitely for the "organizationally challenged"!!!

Click HERE!!

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