Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas gifts.....Day 4

On our fourth day of making Christmas gifts, we were railroaded in the middle of the project by
a bit of a domestic emergency. Our hot water heater decided it had had enough
and gave up the ghost. From lovely Christmas activities, I was immediately thrust into the hectic job of quickly removing items from a flooding floor, finding a place to put it all,
soaking up all the water, deciding how we were going to replace this important household appliance, shopping for it, cleaning up, watching the plumber install the new one, etc.

So this "quick" little gift ended up dragging on longer than I had wanted, but we did enjoy
putting them together once it was all done.

Christmas Treat Jars

This easy little gift came to me many months ago when I was still in the middle of feeding
an infant. I just couldn't find it within me to throw away all of these perfectly good
baby food jars. So I would wash them up, and store them away. Pretty soon I had like 50 of these jars taking up much needed space and no idea what to do with all of them.
I came up with this idea and this is the second Christmas we have given these
as little gifts.

I make sure to get all the food residue out of the jar and off the lid......gross!
It took awhile to figure out how to clean the sticky, gluey junk that is used as the adhesive for the jar label. I had under my sink a bottle of this stinky stuff called "Goof Off", and let me tell you, it works wonders. Took that sticky mess right off. I was about as high as a kite after using it, but I was happy that I had nice clean, clear jars afterward.

I had purchased a yard and a half of the fabric at Wal-Mart (which was way too much), and decided that the lid to our
oatmeal container would be about the right size.
Ashlyn did a lot of the tracing, and all the girls took turns at using pinking shears to cut out the circles. Abby helped me cut and count the ribbon.

To assemble these little treats, I filled the jars first and tightened the lid down, put a dab of hot glue on the jar lid, placed the fabric circle on top, and had one of the girls hold the fabric down while I tied the ribbon on. It took two people to tie the ribbons on, but we were pleased with the results!!!
This year we put together 28 jars!!!
We still have some left over for next year too!!

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