Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Funday: Celebrate Spring!!! Party

In a previous post, I mentioned that this year I wanted to do something concrete for my children to help make the separation in their minds between chocolate candy, jelly beans, and egg hunts, and the exhibition of Christ's power by His glorious resurrection from the grave!!
I don't want them to confuse the "Easter Bunny" with the what the real celebration is about!!
But I love all things spring!
I think fluffy bunnies and chicks and chocolate eggs are so much fun!!
I love that butterflies are so symbolic in the new life we have in Jesus Christ.......

"....old things are passed away, behold all things are become new...."

We see that principle as well in all the trees and flowers that are blooming so beautifully all around us!
So this is what we came up with:   

  Celebrate Spring!!

Little helpers making our "Bird Nest" treats.

Goldfish treat bags

Shaped pb and j sandwiches

Treat buckets

Ready for an egg hunt?

Little "bug" crafts

"Bunny bowling!"

We so enjoyed being outside in such lovely weather celebrating in "all His glory!"

"The whole earth is full of His glory..."
Isaiah 6:3

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