Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Women's Wellness Wednesday: The journey continues

Over the course of the last several weeks, my journey to better health has taken yet another path.
Last year, in January 2010, I started a weight-loss journey.
It took me 10 months, but only by the grace of God I was able to loose the 45 pounds I needed to.
I learned so much during that time about myself and my relationship to the Lord and my relationship to food.
I journaled about it somewhat, and if you're interested you can look under the label "weight loss journey" for that story.
During that time, I was also {and still am} under the care of an endocrinologist for hypothyroidism.
One of the reasons I wanted to get to a healthier weight was to see if that would help relieve some of the annoying sypmtoms I was having that goes along with that issue:  hair loss, extreme fatigue, being freezing cold during the colder months of the year even when those around you are comfortable, irritability, and depression.

Well, even after I reached my goal, I still wasn't feeling myself.....even with adjustments to my medication {I'm taking levothyroxine}.
I met with my endocrinologist and he did finally agree that my medication needed to be adjusted, but I began asking myself if this is just as good as it's going to get?
I've been able to maintain my exercise routine and my weight has remained stable {ony fluctuating by 3-4 pounds during my cycles}, but something new surfaced this summer.
When my period rolled around in June, I bled a LOT.
More than I've ever experienced before.
Like two or three changes of clothing and leaving my mark on the seat of the car....a lot!
And just on day two.
Day three and beyond was pretty manageable.
I thought it was a fluke.
Same thing in July.
I started doubling up on the protection products I normally used.
Only this time I felt afraid to leave the house for fear it would be a mess.
So I called my OB and talked to the nurse and explained to her the situation.
She agreed that sounded fishy and scheduled me to see the doctor within a couple days.
After a pelvic exam and a sonogram, I had a new diagnosis.
No fibroids or extreme pain.....just that.
His suggestion was to start birth control pills to control the bleeding and if it got worse, a possible hysterectomy.
"What?"  I thought.
For just one day of heavy bleeding a month?
There has to be a better way!!
So I began searching around online......
Here's what I found that completely changed my search for a solution: {click on the title below}

Never before had I heard that term......estrogen dominance.
But the more I read and cross referenced, the more it made sense!!
Estrogen dominance is not only the culprit in many uterine issues like mine, but also in...get this.....thyroid issues!!
But a regular medical doctor {like my very good OB who I love} won't address that issue.  
It's a completely different science.
I had to find another doctor who was willing to talk some more natural alternatives that involve saliva testing to look for out-of-whack hormone levels.
When I did finally find one.......I couldn't afford the testing.
Regular insurance doesn't cover it {of course!!}.
I was going to have to pay $300 out-of-pocket which immediately pulled me out of the game!!
So I've been researching and reading and talking, and I'm on a new journey.
A journey to better health......more naturally!!!   
Stay tuned!!

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