Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Funday: Pumpkin Patch!!

Last Monday we were able to go on one of our favorite family field trips of the year!!
Our annual visit to the pumpkin patch!!
We've been going to this very same spot every October for the last 8 years {missing a year or two here and there.}
We had originally scheduled this trip for the week before, but we were rained out.
Because of the scheduling change, a couple of the families that were going to go with us were not able to go this week.
But we did have a friend get to go with us that had never been before and it was a fun time for her and her two little ones {once they got adjusted to the new place!}

Can you see the yellow sign there to the right?  Can you read what it says?
"Keep off the top of the maze."  Uh-huh.

This is the same little, oblivious guy who ignored the attendant's instruction to stop going down the bouncey slide on his back HEAD FIRST.  Got kicked off of that.

Aryn had a much better time this year and fully enjoyed everything she could.
Far cry from last year when she just pouted and clung to me all day then peed her pants at the lunch table.

Surveying his next climb from the hayride.

Yep....that's my life.

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