Monday, July 10, 2017

Visiting the George W. Bush Presidential Museum

Recently, some long-time friends of our family were on "The Trip of a Lifetime"
 driving from their home in Greenville, SC through the Southwest ultimately to
the Pacific Coast and the National Parks.
Lucky for me, they decided to swing through the Dallas area
and we went with them to visit the George W. Bush Presidential Museum.
What a wonderful leisurely morning we had browsing through
the presidency of this great American!!
It is always incredibly profound to revisit those tumultuous years
of the 2000's when our country experienced multiple
national disasters that changed the face of this great nation.
It was also wonderful to share this with dear friends who I haven't seen
in over 18 years!!
This girl went through my high school years with me
and we have such lovely memories together of college days and her wedding!!
Now, 10 children later (between our two families)
our babies are into college and we're both raising families to follow the Lord,
and to be thankful for the freedoms we have, and to love our country!!

This girl was the only one of my 6 children who would get out of bed early on a
Monday morning during summer vacation to come with me!!!

An amazing gift from the President (of King) of Saudi Arabia to Laura Bush!
Oh, yes.  These are very real. 

Amazing portraits painted by George W. Bush of the wounded veterans he has met.
Talk about incredible.
The docent told me that the President had only been painting for 4 years
before he began this project.
Just wonderful!!

The only full scale reproduction of the Oval Office in the Presidential Library System.
Right here in Dallas!!

Aryn immediately reminded me this day was the day after her first birthday.
I also remember this day because we had gone to my mother-in-laws house
to watch the inauguration of President Obama.
It was there that I first started noticing that Ashlyn was not well
and something other than random tummy troubles was going on with her.
She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on February 11.

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