Tuesday, July 18, 2017

New York City Mission Trip 2017 {Part 3}

 Our first full day in New York City dawned bright and clear!

I had forgotten how early the sun comes up on the East Coast.
The mornings are earlier (5:30) and the evenings linger longer (9:30)
giving summer days a delicious length that's energizing and lovely!
But it always takes me about 24 hours to adjust to all that energy!!

Our team was out of our hotel by 8 am so we could catch a train or two
for the hour trip to Iglesia Bautista de la Fe!
This beautiful Spanish ministry is led by Pastor Humberto "Tito" Martinez
and what a great work he is doing there among the Puerto Ricans, Dominicans,
 Ecuadorians and other Spanish groups in that area of Corona, NYC!
What an experience to sit through a Sunday School and morning worship
that was entirely done in Spanish!
Our team sang through a beautiful arrangement of "Be Thou Exalted"
in both English and Spanish which was a blessing for all of us!

What a terrific example of life on the mission field
 for missionaries who have not yet mastered the language of the people
 to whom they have been led to minister to.
Attending church is the highlight of my week where I am encouraged and fed
by the preaching of God's Word and through the beautiful music that prepares
our hearts to be receptive to the preaching!
But what a challenge when you can't understand anything!!
Especially when you feel a little out-of-place culturally.
How difficult for the children of the missionaries to be excited
about going to church as well!

I was challenged to pray for our missionaries and to remember that
being spiritually refreshed and encouraged may not happen for them at church!


After church services were over, tables were moved in to the main
gathering room and this delicious "snack" was shared by everyone.

The Pastor shared with me the story behind this amazing cross
 set up in the corner of the church. 
 It had been hand made and stained by a deaf man in another state
and brought here and assembled for this Pastor.

After about 30 minutes of fellowshipping with the Spanish church members,
they left to go on to a meeting about VBS or something,
and this amazing Dominican food was brought in for our team's lunch!

This Dominican Fried Chicken was absolutely delicious.  I couldn't get enough.
Think popcorn chicken only better.  
I found a copycat recipe here!!

Beef!! This dish was a taste sensation as well!!
Notice the little green olives!
Here is a copycat recipe!

Check out how to make this delicious dish here.

Pastor Tito Martinez (far left) with Dr. Bill and Marcy Patterson, Linda Fielder,
and Cynde and Tim Matthews.
Our amazing team leaders!!

What a blessing to meet this Spanish Pastor and the beautifully, warm people
of his congregation!!

Some amazing sights as we traveled to another church for the evening.

That evening we enjoyed New York style pizza and an amazing movie called
"Ee-Taow:  The Mouk Story."
You can watch that here!
What an incredible story of the dramatic conversion of an entire tribe 
of natives in Papau New Guinea through the faithful teaching of an American missionary.
We were later challenged by the testimony of God's leading in the life
of a missionary there in NYC that we worked with last year,
and finally a wonderful message by the Pastor of Shalom Baptist Church,
Pastor John Gibson.

Pastor Josh Byrd
{Formerly the pastor of Redeeming Grace Baptist Church in Brooklyn}

Such a full day, but so full of blessings and challenges to think
about real life as a missionary foreign or domestic!!
God is good!

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