Monday, July 17, 2017

New York City Mission Trip 2017 {Part 2}

Whenever you are convinced that God is leading you to do something for Him,
be prepared for the Devil to oppose it.

And the Devil was in high gear trying to cause confusion and discouragement
with this trip!!
It seemed like every week leading up to this day,
there was a new challenge to work through.
From difficulty in raising finances, to an unexpected physical issue
 in one of our leaders requiring surgery
 and rest at home the entire week of camp training, 
to spiritual battle in the lives of teenagers during the week of camp training.

So, it really was no surprise that on the morning of our flight out of DFW
that it was raining.  
Let me rephrase that......pouring!
As in monsoon type rain.
Akin to driving under a waterfall.
All the way to the airport.

But we made it through security without difficulty and our flight was seamless!!

{Picture courtesy Mrs. Cynde Matthews}

As I learned last year, everything moves at warp speed in New York City,
so I did not get many pictures between landing, traveling by shuttle to our hotel,
and dinner.
 We did learn an important lesson at the airport though.
Always check your bag tag when you grab your luggage from baggage claim.
Chances are you are not the only one with the exact same luggage design.
By the time one of our teenagers found that she grabbed someone else's bag,
the other people had already left the airport with her bag!
They were not happy about the switch and it took until the next
morning for our girl to get her suitcase.
 Thank the Lord, it arrived at our hotel just in time for her to get ready
for our first church service there in New York!

And isn't that just how our Heavenly Father works?
He always meets our needs (not necessarily our wants) right on time.

I was simply craving this delicious Peruvian food that we were served for dinner
 and it did not disappoint!!
An absolute taste sensation!!

Rotisserie chicken with Peruvian Aji Sauce
Rice with more Aji sauce
Fried Plaintains

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