Thursday, July 13, 2017

New York City Mission Trip 2017 {Part 1}

Since January, Ashlyn has been looking forward to returning to
New York City for her second missions trip.
She worked really hard to earn her money and we prayed in
what was needed for me to go with her!

Last summer was our first experience with the MIT (missionaries-in-training)
program, and it was, very simply, life-changing.
To read about that, click here.
It changed my perspective on what a 21st century missionary experiences
on a daily basis.
It challenged me to pray more for our friends who are missionaries in difficult places.
It challenged me to think that any place is a difficult place when your job
is sharing the Gospel of Jesus with others.
That's not a popular message. 
It's not easy to sit, week-after-week, in long church services where you
have no idea what is being said.
And next month, you still can't completely follow along.
It challenged me to consider learning another language
so I can be ready to communicate with someone outside of 
my own culture for at least once in my life.
It challenged me to think how narrowly I live.
Is that even Biblical?
It challenged me to think wherein my identity lies?
Outside of my identity in Christ.
Does it lie in my language?
My religion?
My race?
My family?
My material belongings?

This program is a two-week journey, and it always starts with a week of teen camp
in collaboration with Southland Christian Camp in Ringgold, LA.
Because of child care logistics those two weeks, Ashlyn went to teen camp
for training sessions on missionary work and its challenges,
and then I joined her for the second week in New York City.
Now that she is 17, she can manage her Type 1 Diabetes much better at camp
than in years earlier, and it has been amazing to watch
her grow in that area of her life!!

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