Monday, July 24, 2017

Free Day!

As a "Mom-of-Many" I'm always on the lookout for
fun opportunities for my children that are not going 
to break the bank!!
Recently, we found a whole day of fun activities that helped us beat the heat
as well as cost us nothing!!!

Maybe in your area, your local schools or libraries offer free lunches
to children of all ages during the summer months.
We have several facilities here in town that do that,
so we got out of the kitchen and helped ourselves to a free lunch.

On this day, our local slurpee joint was offering free slurpees all day,
so we stopped off there for dessert after lunch!

A couple hours later, we drove over to our amazing local library where
they offer incredible free educational programs every Tuesday afternoon 
during the months of June and July!
We have attended so many of these through the years
 and they are always a pleasure!
On this particular day, our local zoo brought a slew of small animals
 for the children to see and learn about!! 
 Aryn even got picked to go up front and have a hands-on
experience with a giant lizard!

After the library presentation, we hit a different slurpee store for free slurpee #2 with a friend!

Not to be left-out, the grown-ups had a free date night to our favorite
dinner spot because of a gift card my husband had received on Father's Day!!

Such a lovely, relaxing summer day!!
With a little planning, you can hunt down some budget-friendly
ways to get your family off the summer couch too!!!

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