Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer Camp 2017

Since the beginning of the year, it was our plan for Garrett and Aryn
to go to summer camp at Southland Christian Camp in Ringgold, Louisiana.
I was also considering going along as a sponsor this year,
and I jumped at the chance to put my name in when there was
an unexpected scheduling mix-up and the dates needed to be changed.

But as the date approached and we were so busy with so many
other obligations, responsibilities, and ministries,
it looked like it wasn't going to work out for any of us to go.

But at the very last second, a way became available for Aryn!!!
We were just thrilled, though she was very anxious about going
by herself!!
We prayed with her and thanked Jesus for such a special privilege
and off she went very bravely.

  Not surprisingly, she had simply the best time,
and cried when she got home that she wanted to go back!
She also told us that she was challenged to read her Bible more regularly
and to spend more time in prayer.
We are so very thankful for such opportunities for our children
 to learn ways to grow in the Lord!!

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